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an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility


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This narrative, together with Lady Byron's archive and her grandson's portrait in Astarte, provided Julia Markus with the rich materials for this compelling feminist defense of a remarkable woman.
Whether you call her Ishtar, Astarte, Inanna, Aphrodite, or Venus, in the end, the cultural impact the goddess of love has had on human culture, art, literature, and even the very values of female beauty and aesthetics is nothing short of awe inspiring, leaving one to wonder how much of what we take for granted in the way we look at the word today is actually rooted in the forgotten world of our long-gone ancestors.
She was a fertility goddess, known as Astarte among the Greeks and Ishtar in Babylon.
Luciano relata e descreve inumeros templos (construidos por assirios, fenicios e egipcios) dedicados a essas deusas que, a depender do local, recebiam o nome de Hera, Astarte, Afrodite, Europa, Selene, Semiramis etc.
And indeed, as numerous critics have noted, the marked insistence on resemblance in his description of Astarte suggests that Byron may in fact be talking here at some level, not simply about his relationship with his half-sister, and society's condemnation, but about himself .
Campos y Salas (2002: 27) resaltan que la naturaleza o lo divino eran contemplados como una hembra cosmica: Isis, Astarte, Ishtar, Nu Kua, etc.
In its most vivid segments, the film captures the spirit of the 1960s and '70s when the youth rebellion, fueled by resistance to the Vietnam War and the rise of pop culture, brilliantly paralleled the revivals of Kurt Jooss' antiwar ballet The Green Table and Leonide Massine's dadaist Parade, and the premieres of Joffrey's psychedelic Astarte and Arpino's rock-lest Trinity.
Pictured is Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Astarte Syriaca (1887).
73) As a result, we now know that the text's main protagonist was Seth (equated in Egyptian thinking of the period with Baal), (74) whereas Astarte plays merely a supporting role.
Fantastic (Gothic) elements appear in The Thirteen Problems, "A Christmas Tragedy," "The Bloodstained Pavement" or "The Idol House Astarte.
After the Coronation I really wanted to run her in the Astarte [Prix Rothschild], and she slipped over in the yard and had a tiny puncture in her quarters.
And each woman journeying toward insight, toward adventure, toward motherhood, toward wisdom is following this path, just as great Astarte, valiant Judith, passionate Isolde, and even sweet Cinderella once did.
Because this layer is bordered on the outside by the pellicle and is no longer in contact with mantle cells, it cannot grow externally as had been suggested for Astarte by Saleuddin (1974).
The piece moved between frenetic and despairing as its hero wandered in the Alps, troubled by memories of his lost love Astarte and plunging himself into occult sciences.
Household religious practices play a role in many of these events--with the women's rituals often directed to the goddess Astarte.