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an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility


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Hadley also notes some textual confusion between Asherah and Astarte, which she attributes to a later level of the tradition.
The Astarte DVD product family includes DVDirector(TM) and DVDirector Pro(TM), the professional authoring suites for DVD-Video; DVDelight(TM), a simple tool for easy creation of linear DVD-Video titles; DVDExport(TM), a Macromedia Director Xtra which allows producers to author DVD-Video titles using Director; M.
There were real excuses for Six Perfections in the British and Irish 1,000 Guineas but none of real consequence in the Astarte when reunited with Thierry Thulliez after Johnny Murtagh took the ride in Ireland.
Ciafaloni offers ten examples of iconological exegesis of iconographic themes: (1) the tree of life, (2) the papyrus barque, (3) two young men fa cing a papyrus plant, (4) the falcon-headed sphinx, (5) the winged sphinx, (6) the cow suckling her calf, (7) the woman at the window, (8) Baal Hammon [spelled with double m in the text], (9) Melqart, and (10) Astarte.
Media 100 has also worked closely with ASTARTE GmbH to test and validate RealtimeMPEG output files with its family of DVD authoring applications - from the low-end, consumer level solution, DVDelight up to its high-end, professional solution, DVDirector.
The ball opens with a rock-and-roll group, Arnold Roth and Platinum Lynx, sounding off in the pit and Astarte onstage in front of a filmed pas de deux danced by herself and the Young Man.
68) In the West Semitic literature, as evidenced by the Ugaritic texts and the Hebrew Bible, bull imagery was used for El, Baal, and Yahweh(69) and lion imagery for Yahweh, Asherah, and possibly Astarte, and Anat.
NASDAQ: MDEA), the pioneer of streaming media production tools, today announced it is teaming up with ASTARTE GmbH, the European market share leader of DVD authoring tools, to dramatically improve the quality of DVD content creation and delivery tools throughout Europe.
Back in Chicago in April, Wilkins stars in the revival of Joffrey's landmark 1967 psychedelic ballet, Astarte.
Apple(R) (Nasdaq: AAPL) today announced it has acquired the DVD authoring software products and the associated underlying technology from Astarte GmbH, the award-winning developer of DVD authoring tools.
Company: Astarte USA Booth: 775 Contact: Mike Evangelist Phone: 651-653-6247 E-mail: info@astarteusa.
Companies such Astarte (optical switching) and SpecTran (fiber) are already exploiting such opportunities, for example.
The author follows Pausanias by stating as a fact that Astarte was "a derivative" of Ishtar (p.