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archeology of the ancient Assyrians

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Prof Lambert's academic field centred on Assyriology, the highly specialised academic discipline that concerns the languages and cultures of the ancient near east.
But every single Thursday he would journey to the Department of the Near East in the British Museum, where he read and deciphered cuneiform tablets, the raw material of Assyriology.
Sommer's approach is, by his own design, simultaneously scholarly and popular, and he attempts to address widely diverse interests: Jewish mysticism, Jewish and Christian theology, comparative literature, religious education, classics, Assyriology, Ugaritology, and, in general, biblical studies.
Wayne Horowitz, a scholar of Assyriology at the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology.
To their text Benjamin and Karen Foster professors at Yale in Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Art add an epilogue that introduces-most interestingly-the history of regional archaeology noting the role of the formidable British Arabist Gertrude Bell in establishing Iraq's archaeological museums.
Charlotte Bank studied Near Eastern archaeology, Assyriology and art history at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and is currently pursuing a PhD on identity symbolism in Palestinian visual art.
Different versions of this paper were presented at BANEA in 2003 and 2006, and at the Assyriology Colloquium at Yale University in 2005.
With a doctorate in Assyriology, Piepkorn (1907-1973) had a distinguished career as military chaplain, parish pastor, and professor of systematic theology at Concordia Seminary, St.
In addition to astronomy, chemistry, geology, and the other natural sciences, his book has chapters on Egyptology and Assyriology, philology, comparative mythology, economics, and biblical criticism, referring to all as science, and implying that the intellectual methodologies of all are similar.
18) in Arabic degree programmes, then constituted along the same lines as those of Assyriology or Sumerology, is to ignore the political and commercial realities of the present no less than the fact that most undergraduates are no longer contracted to pore over faded copies of the Mu'allaqat nor required to be on an intimate footing with pre-Islamic terminology for the anatomy of the gazelle.
The book, which is directed at a wide scholarly audience, largely shies away from the vexed problem of defining magic and religion, and instead aims to offer specific case studies "from the fields of Egyptology, Assyriology, and Biblical Studies" (5).
The website for the International Congress of Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology lists only a few hundred members--and the number of these members who can transform the original into serviceable English, to say nothing of poetic English, is smaller still.
7 of Mesopotamia: Copenhagen Studies in Assyriology, Copenhagen: Akademisk Forlag.
Largely structured on German models, it has chairs in Egyptology and Assyriology and others focusing on the modern Middle East.
He was deeply and imaginatively stirred by the worlds archaeology, Egyptology and Assyriology were opening up.