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archeology of the ancient Assyrians

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Antico Oriente certainly contributed to my decision to pursue Assyriology as an academic career, if for no other reason than the fact that it brought home the incredible potential of the field.
The research will be carried out by three team members: the PI (P1 and P4), a PhD in Assyriology (P2) and a post-doctoral researcher in Biblical Studies specialized in the Second Temple period (P3 and P4).
A member of New York's intellectual elite, with a BA from Columbia and a PhD from Johns Hopkins, he had participated in an archaeological expedition to Mesopotamia before writing his doctoral thesis on Assyriology.
Participants included scholars of the classics, ancient history biblical studies, Assyriology, Iranology, patristics, the history of science, and Renaissance studies.
But Assyriology is a relatively recent discipline and a new understanding is necessary.
KAREN RADNER and ELEANOR ROBSON, have done a wonderful job opening up this field of Assyriology, "a strangely familiar world of high finance, bureaucracy, international law and diplomacy" contrasted to "an ancient Near East that is exotic, alien" (p.
In this reviewer's opinion, Kugel responds only in part to Kolbrener's complaint: "He doesn't seem to think that archaeological evidence, Assyriology, Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern history and comparative Semitics need to play any decisive role in our attempt to understand the meaning of biblical texts.
The former Birmingham University academic worked in its Assyriology section from 1964 and was appointed Emeritus Professor in 1993, just before his retirement.
But every single Thursday he would journey to the Department of the Near East in the British Museum, where he read and deciphered cuneiform tablets, the raw material of Assyriology.
Sommer's approach is, by his own design, simultaneously scholarly and popular, and he attempts to address widely diverse interests: Jewish mysticism, Jewish and Christian theology, comparative literature, religious education, classics, Assyriology, Ugaritology, and, in general, biblical studies.
Wayne Horowitz, a scholar of Assyriology at the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology.
Charlotte Bank studied Near Eastern archaeology, Assyriology and art history at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and is currently pursuing a PhD on identity symbolism in Palestinian visual art.
With a doctorate in Assyriology, Piepkorn (1907-1973) had a distinguished career as military chaplain, parish pastor, and professor of systematic theology at Concordia Seminary, St.
In addition to astronomy, chemistry, geology, and the other natural sciences, his book has chapters on Egyptology and Assyriology, philology, comparative mythology, economics, and biblical criticism, referring to all as science, and implying that the intellectual methodologies of all are similar.
The book, which is directed at a wide scholarly audience, largely shies away from the vexed problem of defining magic and religion, and instead aims to offer specific case studies "from the fields of Egyptology, Assyriology, and Biblical Studies" (5).