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archeology of the ancient Assyrians

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In part because of the vast influence of German Assyriological scholarship in the American academy, the only archaeology that scholars were interested in pursuing was "Bible lands" archaeology, the excavation of sites in Mesopotamia rather than Palestine.
Arnold draws on current Assyriological data to trace the geopolitical realities behind literary references to Babylonians by ancient classical historians such as Herodotus and Berossus and by authors of the Bible.
For an analysis of this formula, see Pardee, "Une formule epistolaire en ougaritique et accadien," in Semitic and Assyriological Studies Presented to Pelio Fronzaroli by Pupils and Colleagues (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2003), 446-75.
Caroline Waerzegger's paper, "Babylonians in Susa: The Travels of Babylonian Businessmen to Susa Reconsidered," lays to rest the longstanding Assyriological debate as to whether the location "Shushan," mentioned in dozens of Mesopotamian business texts from the first millennium, refers indeed to the Achaemenid capital city or to another location in Mesopotamia itself.
Although this theoretical approach was developed in reference to terracotta figurines, and we have both found it productive when applied to Assyriological data as well, it would be an equally valid approach to understanding the contemporary seal impressions, in particular the admixtures of Assyro-Babylonian, Achaemenid Persian, and Hellenic motifs carved in both native and Mediterranean styles that appear almost exclusively on western-style metal seal rings.
Schmitz' remarks, however, are not fully applicable to Assyriological studies because of the difficulties of studying authors and influences.
nzidde has been translated in the relatively recent Assyriological literature either as a modal particle of (in)certitude or as a conditional particle.
In if a Man Builds a Joyfid House: Assyriological Studies in Honor of Erle Verdun Leichty, ed.
This one contains articles by scholars of Luwian, Hittite, and other things Anatolian, while David's Assyriological side is honored by twelve of his Assyriological colleagues in the journal Iraq.
Earlier versions of this paper, respectively focusing on the Biblical and Assyriological aspects of what is discussed below, were read at the 15th World Congress of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem, August 2009) and the 220th meeting of the American Oriental Society (St.
Holtz's work thus fills a longstanding lacuna in Assyriological scholarship and will undoubtedly prove a useful resource for years to come.
Although these methods are mathematically sound and allow one to choose between different chronologies on the basis of computed probabilities, they are complicated and not very suitable to convince the Assyriological community.
In Assyriological as well as in Biblical studies, three premises are assumed concerning Assyrianization: 1) that the Assyrians desired it, 2) that they enforced it, and 3) that it was successful.