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Synonyms for Assyrian

an inhabitant of ancient Assyria

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the language of modern Iraq

an extinct language of the Assyrians in ancient Mesopotamia

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said the Jew, ``on every hand the spoilers arise against me I am given as a prey unto the Assyrian, and a prey unto him of Egypt.
What makes this attack unusual is that ISIL released 25 hostages yesterday after they kidnapped 180 Assyrians from the village of Khabour earlier in the year," the Arab media said.
NNA - The Eastern Assyrian Church in Lebanon organized Saturday a march towards the ESCWA Building in Beirut's Central District, in demand of ending the massacres against the Assyrians.
Last year, IS fighters abducted several Assyrians in retaliation for some of them fighting alongside the YPG.
So much so in fact, that while only around 3,000 Assyrians live today in Turabdin (the homeland of the Assyrian people, also known as Midyat-Mardin), a full 25,000 live in one province in Sweden alone.
He judges that the Assyrians created their empire by a policy of systematic devastations, using their army as an instrument of threat and domination.
Each Sunday, the Assyrians met in homes to have a worship service.
The conquering power of the Assyrians was on the march.
Just this week, 7,000 Assyrians left Baghdad for Northern Iraq.
During a long period of decline, Babylon is dominated for two centuries by a warrior people called the Assyrians.
Iraq is home to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, made up largely of ethnic Assyrians, an ancient people who speak a modern form of Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke," observes the Knight-Ridder account.
After centuries of political struggles in the ancient Near East, the people known as the Assyrians came to power by about 1,400 bc After 1,000 bc, the Assyrians began to conquer neighboring peoples, and by the end of the ninth century bc, controlled most of Mesopotamia.
The Assyrian Empire evolved and refined these achievements but there had been civilization, and empires, in Mesopotamia before the rise of the Assyrians.
Since it came to power, we Assyrians have suffered both ethnic and religious persecution.