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Synonyms for Assyrian

an inhabitant of ancient Assyria

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the language of modern Iraq

an extinct language of the Assyrians in ancient Mesopotamia

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What makes this attack unusual is that ISIL released 25 hostages yesterday after they kidnapped 180 Assyrians from the village of Khabour earlier in the year," the Arab media said.
The "Brook of Egypt" is consistently used in both the Bible and Assyrian texts as the topographical feature designating the political boundary between Egypt and Israel/Judah, (21) although its northern bank was inhabited and controlled by Philistines for much of the relevant period.
8226;On-going political and social discrimination against the Assyrian and Yezidi people, including the refusal to allow Assyrians and Yezidis to leave Arbil with proper credentials as full citizens or Iraq.
Hasaka, SANA -- Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal said the systematic terrorism that targeted the Assyrians in Hasaka province has actually affected all of the Syrian people.
And not before time: in the English education system that I experienced, Mesopotamian civilisations--including the Assyrian and Babylonian empires--were sidelined by Graeco-Roman history, with some light Egyptian seasoning.
Approximately 75 Assyrian families have come to Lebanon from the region in recent weeks, according to Archbishop of the Assyrian Church of the East Yatron Koliana, a relatively low number due to the considerable geographical distance separating Lebanon from northern Syria, which borders Turkey and Iraq.
In February, IS kidnapped 220 Assyrians from areas neighbouring the town, prompting 5,000 people to flee the countryside in fear of the jihadist advance.
The Syriac Military Council, a local Assyrian militia, put the number of those taken at 350.
The Observatory cited Assyrian sources as saying that negotiations with the ISIL are taking place via mediators for the release of the kidnapped.
A US-led alliance launched air strikes against Islamic State on Thursday in an area of northeast Syria where the militants are now estimated to have abducted at least 220 Assyrian Christians this week, a group monitoring the war reported.
Islamic State militants have abducted at least 150 people from Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria they had raided, Christian Syrian activists said on Tuesday.
Ancient Kanesh--the site of Kultepe, central Turkey--is well-known for its large corpus of Old Assyrian cuneiform tablets that document the extensive trade networks across the Near East during the Middle Bronze Age (early second millennium BC).
Stephanie Dalley of Oxford University's Oriental Institute, finally pieced together enough evidence to prove that the gardens were built in Nineveh by the great Assyrian ruler Sennacherib - and not by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the Independent reported.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Antiquities media department announced the success to convince the Spanish authorities to return some of Iraqi antiquities that dated back to the Assyrian era.
But for Beit Simchat Torah, which had wandered from one temporary home to the next during its 38 years of existence prior to settling on its first permenant space, the Assyrian detailing is part of the charm of the new home.