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an ancient Assyrian city on the Tigris and traditional capital of Assyria

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Holloway, "The Gis-Kakki Assur and Neo-Assyrian Loyalty Oaths," in Steinkeller, P.
There is a fundamental shift in how the mortgage industry uses technology and automation to achieve the kinds of efficiencies required to thrive in the new lending economy," said Assur.
The text is similar to another inscription on an alabaster jar found in Assur (Preusser 1955: 22, e).
Seignior Assur Levy, alias Aster Wilde and declared that by reason of his needful departure for Germany he has placed in his stead and has constituted, as he does herewith, Isaacq Gamies Dorthe, bearer of this especial [power of Attorney] that he may in his, the constituent's name and on his behalf, appear before the Lords Justices of Petty Affairs, there to present to and deposit with the Lords Justices the sum of one hundred and twenty six-dollars which he, the constituent is under obligation and owes to Alexander Polack according to the note of hand existing thereof, subject to removal of the attachment placed on him, the constituent by Jacob Gomprich Post.
GTA Assur maintains strong risk-adjusted capitalisation, supported by a large capital base.
13) While Sargon II mentioned the positive results of celestial divination in his famous Letter to Assur, (14) and Sennacherib seems to have labeled several gates after celestial features, the first clear reference in the royal inscriptions per se to that mantic practice appears during the reign of Esarhaddon.
Apras avoir assur sa prsence dans le dernier carr de la ligue des champions africaine, l'ESS va devoir s'attaquer un autre challenge au moment d'aller dfier ce soir le CS Sfax dans son antre de Tayeb-M'hiri.
Pushing Premiums Bermuda Re/insurers deliver strong numbers in the first half of 2003 * Gross Premiums Written 2003 2002 Increase ACE 7,518 6,047 24% Allied World Assur.
Tenor Eric Shaw (Prince Idremo) was in confident good form, as were bass-baritone Giles Tomkins (the High Priest) and bass Charles Baxter (Prince Assur, Semiramide's former lover and accomplice).
AXA declared that it has agreed to buy 100% stake in Assur Africa Holdings (AAH) for around 198 million (N45.
This is the publication of 719 pieces of worked and unworked ivory and bone found during the excavations at Assur by W.
The policy you bought,insurance companies and building societies assur ed us, would not only pay off your mortgage after 25 years,it would also leave a substantial lump sum.
Net Income (Loss)($Mil) Weiss Safety 1st Qtr 1st Qtr Company Headquarters Rating 2003 2002 Change Equitable Life Assur.
AXA declared that it is engaging in a pact to take over 100% of Assur Africa Holdings (AAH), owners of a 77% stake in Mansard Insurance plc.
Agyptische und assyrische Alabastergefa[beta]e aus Assur.