Assumption of Mary

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celebration in the Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's being taken up into heaven when her earthly life ended

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Caption: Caption: Parishioners pay their respects during a Mass held in honor at Assumption of Our Lady in Piti, Guam.
They were assembling for the annual outdoor Mass to mark the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven.
Charivari Agreable conductor Janet Lince is sceptical about the established wisdom that this extraordinarily imaginative setting of the Vespers was performed on one of the main Marian Feasts - probably the Assumption of Our Lady.
On Sunday, the bishop completed a half-mile ramble at Osmotherley and celebrated Mass at the Mount Grace chapel to mark the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.
Christine Jackson, daughter of Mr and Mrs B Jackson, of Kenilworth, and Peter Mott, son of Mr and Mrs C Mott, of Effingham, Surrey, at The Parish Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Ashow.