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a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River

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a rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion

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Intel Saffrons associative memory AI simulates a humans natural ability to learn, remember and reason in real time.
Hwang," Hardware implementation of associative memory characteristics with analogue-type resistive-switching device", Nanotechnology, 2014.
In 2010, Feng Naiqin et al proposed the morphological associative memory framework and made a deep research on the method of memorizing English vocabulary (Zhuge H.
This model is realized by the spatiotemporal associative memory networks in Section 3.
Cognitive Robots: Perceptual Associative Memory and Learning, IEEE Workshop on Robots and Human Interactive Communication: 427-433.
The contribution of familiarity to associative memory in amnesia.
Regardless of how comfortable a person is with aging, it is improbable that anyone wants to be reminded of an increasing inability to process information quickly, or a "deficit in associative memory.
These women also experienced significant gains in associative memory.
The results indicated that those who took part in twice-weekly resistance training sessions (each lasting one hour) demonstrated improved attention and associative memory (the ability of one thought or memory to trigger another, for example: green means go) compared to women who engaged in aerobic exercise (outdoor walking) and balance and toning exercises.
9) and that generates associative memory (see in particular Minear's analysis of sonic echoes in Chapter 2), or stands in for other things (see Chapter 3, in particular Minear's description of music as 'ghostly manifestation', pp.
Because it fails to explain the sub-regularities among the irregular verbs and the generalization of irregular infection to phonologically similar nonce forms (Bybee & Moder 1983), this view has largely been superseded by a second model which claims that a rule-governed process inflects all the regular forms while an associative memory takes care of all the irregular forms.
The researchers examined associative memory, used in remembering face-name associations, in alcoholics.
The IBM team has successfully demonstrated simple applications like navigation, machine vision, pattern recognition, associative memory and classification.
The IBM team has demonstrated simple applications like navigation, machine vision, pattern recognition, associative memory and classification.
This associative memory can be established by a single conditioning session and persists for several weeks (Nakaya et al.
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