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Synonyms for association

Synonyms for association

a group of people united in a relationship and having some interest, activity, or purpose in common

a group of athletic teams that play each other

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

Synonyms for association

the act of consorting with or joining with others

the state of being connected together as in memory or imagination

Related Words

the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

a social or business relationship

a relation resulting from interaction or dependence

Related Words

(chemistry) any process of combination (especially in solution) that depends on relatively weak chemical bonding

(ecology) a group of organisms (plants and animals) that live together in a certain geographical region and constitute a community with a few dominant species

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Free association of ideas opens the possibilities for innovative and creative solutions to surface.
Peter Fosl's 'Cracks in the Cement of the Universe' studies Hume's use of the association of ideas to counteract scepticism, and James G.
The De memoria commentary will be of interest to anyone who is trying to understand the workings of memory and recollection; and Macierowski draws attention to a passage in Samuel Taylor Coleridge indicating that Hume read, annotated, and drew on Aquinas's commentary on the De memoria for his theory of the association of ideas (compare pp.
Which brings us by a natural association of ideas to Frida Kahlo.
Furthermore, some writers noted that there was a social aspect to the sensation of deriving pleasure from objects of beauty and this led them to conclude that via the association of ideas, it was possible to appreciate objects of beauty even if one's own antennae, so to speak, were poorly developed.
The most immediate association of ideas that comes to mind are the laws on abortion," he said.
Thus there is a natural association of ideas between the secret military documents and the Islamic world, at a time when political will, the power of the media, and distrust among cultures are the order of the day.
Realists and symbolists, More says, are both naturalists who choose the side of physis against nomos, and for a narrative technique they employ the subjectivist portrayal of mental awareness called "stream of consciousness" which insults human dignity by reducing man to his moment-to-moment life of sensations and erupting urges, and which repudiates "rational selection and spiritual authority"--so that, as he says in an essay on Joyce, "the only law governing the flux is the so-called association of ideas, the fact that one image by some chance similarly evokes another, and one sensation fades into another.
David Mellor does a similar thing on Classic FM every Sunday too, under the banner of ``If you liked that, you'll like this too'' - introducing listeners to diverse and varied forms of music, whose only link is a kind of free association of ideas.
In that speech, one thing leads to another with heady swiftness, through a dynamic of free ramification and association of ideas.
Speaking in the plural helps avoid two problems: first of all restricting the possibility of creating enhanced co-operative activities solely for the second and third pillars (activities applying to the environment, possibly on a regional basis have been referred to), second to banish the association of ideas between enhanced co-operation in the singular and the prospect of creating a hard core.
The association of ideas was very plain in his mind: Learning of black children entering Virginia schools, he declaimed that "Virginia needs another Stonewall.
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