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an identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations

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y] is the equilibrium constant of the reaction expressed on mole fractions and is assumed to be independent of the association number i.
Association number two has taken advantage of the soft market to drastically change its relationship with the independent broker that has run its sponsored insurance program for the past 50 years.
Association Number American Library Association 80 American Society for Information Science 7 Library Association (UK) 1 Special Libraries Association 9 Specialized Association (Medical Library Association, Art Librarians.
DREAM HOME In association Number of reception rooms: Four - the lounge, dining room, kitchen/ breakfast and family room.
DREAM HOME In association Number of reception rooms: Three; the dining room with original Art Deco fireplace and ceiling and large bay window; the lounge - 26ft long with full width bi-fold doors out to the garden and large games room with snooker table and gym.
Alongside the International Longshoremen Association Number 3,000, the Governor and Senator John Breaux (D-LA), the president urged the U.
HOME In association Number of bathrooms: Main family bathroom, two en suites and downstairs WC.
The association numbers 12 members including Cyprus's four major banks, Bank of Cyprus, Cooperative Central Bank, Hellenic Bank and RCB Bank.
1 killer, claiming approximately 369,000 lives every year, according to American Heart Association numbers," said Al Ford, Cardiac Science General Manager and Senior Vice President of Sales / Marketing.
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