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the formal product of a legislative or judicial body

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the regulation of weights and measures of articles offered for sale

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an ancient writ issued by a court of assize to the sheriff for the recovery of property

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89) The assize court, on appeal, will re-examine a case in accordance with the rules applicable to trials in the first instance before the assize court, (90) which means that the appellate assize court can hear witness testimony and fresh evidence as a matter of routine, just as the court of first instance could hear such evidence.
25) On February 25, 1600, both John Holmden and Thomas Woody appeared before the assize court at Rochester, the former delivered from jail by proclamation and the latter released on bail; (26) and on April 1, 1600, they both appeared before the quarter sessions court at Maidstone.
This study encompasses 251 cases of intimate violence between domestic partners tried in the assize court of the Seine during the last three decades of the nineteenth century.
The assize court on the south corner is clad in vertical strips of burnished copper, while the volume housing the smaller tribunal courts is covered with a lightweight, blue metal mesh, like fine gauze.
The decision was read by the President of the Assize Court.
For the more serious crimes people were heard in assize courts and maybe the Old Bailey (there is a very good website: http://www.
The building had once been the Assize Court for County Durham and was rumoured to have a secret tunnel leading from the cellar (once the cells), which emerged at the side of a hill where the prisoners were taken to be executed.
After moving nearer the assize court in Bristol, he made a private fortune as a merchant and chief investor in explorer John Cabot's transatlantic voyage of discovery.
The former paratrooper was due to appear in court in Assize Court Reims this morning.
This study is now published as Jonathan Dalby, Crime and Punishment in Jamaica: A Quantitative Analysis of the Assize Court Records, 1756-1856 (Mona, Jamaica, 2000).
The explosion of anger and frustration which came about on Monday, November 7, 1831, and led to the Assize Court was the consequence of depression after French imports flooded the country.
The Assize Court ruled that the woman continued to live with the accused because of love, dependence on drugs, and fear that if she abandoned him, both she and her child would be at risk.
The Assize Court of the Val-de-Marne, Paris, convicted only those four defendants who admitted to having sex with one of the victims, Nina.
In Cyprus, however, the Assize Court on 21 December 2011, acquitted five defendants, (the above-mentioned five andAndreas Drakos, Executive Director of Helios) accused of manslaughter in connection with the fatal air crash.
This week an Appeal Court in Reims ruled that Chanal will appear before an Assize court for the murder of Trevor O'Keefe and the two Frenchmen whose hairs were found in his van.