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Synonyms for accessibility

Synonyms for accessibility

the quality of being at hand when needed

the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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The two organisations have been working together over the past years in an informal capacity to explore different ways of collaboration and are part of an increasing number of resource centres that are dedicated to connecting disabled people to assistive technology throughout the Gulf region.
OTR/L, is an Assistive Technology Consultant and Professor of Occupational Therapy at Quinnipiac University.
Telerehabilitation can support the use of assistive technology.
Although re-invention was studied extensively from a broad theoretical perspective in the diffusion of innovations theory, empirical research relating re-invention to continued use of assistive technology by individuals with disabilities is nonexistent.
They can use assistive technology tools which recognise speech to execute an action, e-books to eliminate page turning, and portable eye-gaze devices that are powered by blinks to select tasks and games on the computer.
Knowledge of the level of competence in assistive technology possessed by teachers of students with visual impairments nationwide is fundamental for the development of solutions to this problem.
This book is for you especially if you don't currently use computers or other assistive technology.
18-21: Conference: Assistive Technology Industry Association; Orlando, Fl.
Accessible Technology takes off where Assistive Technology stops.
Assistive technology for Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) for patients to use during their recovery and rehabilitation process
Assistive technology (AT) has increased functional abilities, independence, and access to mainstream society, creating a method of equalization between persons with and without disabilities.
Currently, the availability of assistive technology varies, depending on school budgets and teacher training.
Foundations for assistive technology (evaluation, training, and technical support), funding issues, and accessing the Internet and Intranets are followed by an extensive (100 + page) appendix and index.
Christopher Lee, president of the Learning Disabilities Association of Georgia and project coordinator for Georgia Assistive Technology Project, was diagnosed in second grade with a learning disability, mainly a cognitive processing deficit.
The following are excerpts of remarks President Bush presented to the CAPTEC Assistive Technology Center and the U.
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