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Synonyms for accessibility

Synonyms for accessibility

the quality of being at hand when needed

the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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It also called for providing technical and capacity-building support to countries, on request, to assess the feasibility of establishing regional or sub regional manufacturing, procurement and supply networks for assistive technology and cooperation platforms.
The inaugural edition of the expo last year saw world's latest assistive technology products including aids for leisure and sports for the disabled such as running prostheses for recreational athletes, leg prosthesis systems that virtually make replication of physiological human gait possible to pre-hospital medical equipment, folding electric mobility scooters, specially designed cars allowing driving directly from the wheelchair, high-definition silicone, orthotic, mobility devices, power wheelchairs, innovative solutions for sound sensory stimulation, voice synthesizers, Braille readers, wireless monitoring devices, special tools and software enhancing language and learning and much more.
The third agreement was signed with the US Assistive Technology Industry Association.
What decision-making practices relative to assistive technology do teachers employ in their work with students?
Mello (2006) presented a study about the trajectory of assistive technology use in Brazil.
They can use assistive technology tools which recognise speech to execute an action, e-books to eliminate page turning, and portable eye-gaze devices that are powered by blinks to select tasks and games on the computer.
Decisions about the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities give a stance to adopt assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.
Assistive technology services and devices allow access to the general education curriculum for academic, social, and extracurricular activities.
In December 1st, 1993, this program began as a project of the Disability Act of 1988 (Tech Act; PL 100-407), as amended, the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 (L.
Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) June 26-30, 2008 Crystal city (Arlington), VA http://www.
In this collection of papers addressed to industry professionals from the 2005 conference, contributors focus on practical applications and reflect the turn toward user-centered technologies as they describe "design for all" projects, "smart homes," assisted technology for older persons and those with visual or hearing impairments, innovative input devices and network accessibility, user involvement, information access, biomechanics, service delivery as a national initiative, mobility control, cognitive impairment and autism, assistive technology centers, rehabilitation, support and care, play and involvement, robotics and machine-human interface, education, and assessment.
Editorial includes information on such topics as rehabilitative engineering, post-discharge use of recommended assistive technology, assistive technology training, the psychological impact of assistive devices, barriers and strategies for optimizing technology use in the workplace, and ethics.
Computer & Web Resources for People with Disabilities: A Guide to Exploring Today's Assistive Technology by the Alliance for Technology Access.
June 23-27: International Conference on Technology & Disability: Atlanta; Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America; www.
In its press release announcing the new initiative, CoSN explains that an assistive technology device, as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), means any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a child with a disability.
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