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Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance--United States, 2003.
However, because singletons conceived by this technology--even if they were born at term and the pregnancy had involved a single fetus-have an increased risk of low birth weight, the investigators conclude that "infants from both singleton and multiple births must be considered in assessing the effect of assisted reproductive technology on the rate of low birth weight in the United States.
While it is commendable that the courts and the Task Force have delegated the ultimate decision-making authority over cryopreserved pre-zygotes to the gamete providers themselves,(103) this does little, if anything, to elucidate and resolve the complex legal questions inherent in assisted reproductive technology, both for the parties in dispute and for society at large.
As a "treatment" for this sort of depression, assisted reproductive technology can be a cure that works.
com/research/505e79/competitor_analysi) has announced the addition of the "Competitor Analysis: FSH, hCG and LH - Therapeutic Proteins for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)" report to their offering.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The higher the dose of gonadotropin for ovarian stimulation, the lower the five birth rate, a retrospective study of 541,967 cycles of assisted reproductive technology showed.
Moreover, Prince Alwaleed inaugurated Kingdom Hospital Center for Assisted Reproductive Technology in the presence of the medical and administrative team of Kingdom Hospital that was headed by Dr.
All assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles entered into the US national Assisted Reproductive Technology database from 2004 through 2009 were linked to individual women in order to estimate cumulative live-birth rates which, for 246,740 women with 471,208 ART cycles were 140,859 live births.
Our findings included a significant association between the use of assisted reproductive technology, such as certain types of in vitro fertilization, and an increased risk of birth defects," said study author Lorraine Kelley-Quon, MD, a general surgery resident at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, who conducted the research at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.
Talwar (assisted reproductive technology, Army Hospital, India) and Sindhu (embryology, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, India) compile 18 chapters of assisted reproductive technology (ART) protocols for infertility and ART specialists.
The Assisted Reproductive Technology ( Regulation) Bill, 2010, defines assisted reproduction technology as all techniques that attempt to enable a pregnancy by handling or manipulating the sperm or the egg outside the human body and transferring the embryo into the reproductive tract.
ELONVA is indicated for controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) in combination with a GnRH antagonist for the development of multiple follicles in women participating in an assisted reproductive technology programme.
In July 2003, he said, "[This new study] may lead to the design of new, safer and more effective contraception and may improve success with assisted reproductive technology [by altering] the way infertility specialists go about stimulating a woman's ovaries to produce extra eggs for in vitro fertilization.
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