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an official prosecutor for a judicial district

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Early said he was naming Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey T.
They both previously served as Assistant District Attorneys with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.
Before her TV career, Crier was a civil litigation attorney, an assistant district attorney, and eventually the youngest state judge ever elected in her native Texas.
Instead of requiring a set number of trials from each prosecutor, Harcleroad said he will revise his employee evaluation form to include a section to assess the quality and quantity of trial work done by each assistant district attorney.
Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Gump said the attack on Israel Byrd was unprovoked.
Preate, a Scranton native whose father's law office overlooked the handsome courthouse square, began his own career here as an assistant district attorney in the early 1970s.
Not every assistant district attorney will be suited for the new endeavor, and the prosecutor must recognize this.
For example, a detective investigating a pattern of robberies can subscribe to receive a text message on a pager the minute a person matching the perpetrator's description is arrested anywhere in the City; or an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx can automatically receive an e-mail when a defendant, for whom he is about to offer a plea bargain, is arrested in Queens.
Rodriguez pulled a knife, the other man backed off, the assistant district attorney said.
Julia Hearthway has devoted most of her career to public service, serving four years as an assistant district attorney in Montgomery County and then spending nearly two decades in the Attorney General's office," Corbett said.
Assistant District Attorneys Sarah Ritch and Andrew Weinstein prosecuted the case under the supervision of Assistant District Attorney Eugene Porcaro, and executive assistant district attorney Karen Friedman Agnifilo.
Nick (Tim Daly), a cop with a gambling problem, and Kathryn (Kim Raver), an assistant district attorney, also apparently acted assertively, while the actions of the bank manager Malcolm (Chi McBride), his daughter Felicia (Dana Davis), and bank tellers and sister Eva (Lourdes Benedicto) and Franny (Camille Guaty) are unclear.
On the other hand, as assistant district attorney Eugene Felton Jr.
Ruiz suggested that San Francisco assistant district attorney Jim Hammer was deliberately withholding evidence to pander to gays because of their perceived political clout.
For example, when I was the assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, it was important for me to dress a certain way so that when I walked into the courtroom, I had an extremely commanding presence.
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