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a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in an air force

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I was in China during the period leading up to Clinton's arrival, throughout his stay in China, and after his departure in my capacity as Assistant Air Attache to the U.
When the British Assistant Air Attache in Madrid was permitted to visit the scene a few days later a Spanish Air Force Officer and a Civil Guard accompanied him.
It was unveiled by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Staffordshire and the Assistant Air Attache to the US embassy on a spinney near to where the Mustang crashed, outside of the Culina Logistics warehouse in Mustang Drive.
Assuming comparable numbers across the services, the Air Force's LAOS majors would likely meet their lieutenant-colonel promotion board with top-performance reports indicating years of IAS training and one assignment, probably as either an assistant air attache or a security--assistance staff officer at a US embassy.
He served with his squadron in Greece and then Syria before a stint as assistant air attache in Washington, D.
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