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(law) the party who makes an assignment

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Nursing Pad, No 8,012,138; Satoru Sakaguchi, Kagawa-ken, Japan and Ayami Suga, Kagawa-ken, Japan; Assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan
125) Notably, the Court analyzed, in great detail, a "general rule" of estoppel as it applied to licensees and assignors.
7,919,419 B2; Jeffrey Hurley, Brian Boehmer, Alan Campbell, Jerry Moore, Douglas Vercauteren, Barry Burgess and Heather Horton, assignors to Buckeye Technologies Inc.
7,927,322 B2; Bliss Elizabeth Cohen, Stephen Campbell and Garry Woltman, assignors to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
7,918,838 B2; Hironao Minato, Kaiyo Nakajima and Naoko Takada, assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan.
7,355,091; StSnley Kellenberger, Vincent Newbill, Daniel Quillin, Wendy Van Dyke, James wang and Jennifer Marvin, assignors to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
7,175,918; Anil Saraf, Steven Schwartz, Edward Shawl, Michael Bridges and Venki Chandrashekar, assignors to Equistar Chemicals, Houston, TX, and Lyondell Chemical Technology, Greenville, DE.
7,163,745; Rainer Marigold and Klaus Hermann, assignors to Paul Hartmann AG, Heidenheim, Germany.
7,163,745; Rainer Mangold and Klaus Hermann, assignors to Paul Hartmann AG, Heidenheim, Germany.
7,041,381; Wolfgang Rasp and Detlef Hutt, assignors to Hoechst Trespaphan GmbH, Neunkirchen, Germany.
7,018,689; Junggyu Lee, Namil Kim, Sangil Kim, Yongin Park and Changju Lee, assignors to SKC Limited, Korea.
7,026,064; Tetsuya Tsunekawa, Shozi Nakajima, Yukari Nakamori and Masaaki Kotoura, assignors to Toray Industries, Inc.
The assignment must bear an express provision that upon consent of the landlord, the assignor and its guarantors are relieved of any liability accruing after the date of assignment.