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chief god of the Assyrians


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an ancient Assyrian city on the Tigris and traditional capital of Assyria

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A metrological text found at Asshur in Assyria and first translated by Eckhard Unger (Unger 1931: 250-52) purports to present the exterior and interior dimensions of E-sangil, chamber by chamber, as seen in two cross-sections of the temple building.
The metrological text -- which dates to the 8th or 7th centuries, but no later than 614 BC, when the city of Asshur was sacked by the Medes -- is thus best seen as describing the temple as it was before the devastation wrought by Sennacherib.
Though there are also texts which yield topographical information about other great cities of ancient Mesopotamia, such as Nippur, Uruk and Asshur, the huge majority of the textual evidence that we possess relates to Babylon.