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Synonyms for Ashur

chief god of the Assyrians


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an ancient Assyrian city on the Tigris and traditional capital of Assyria

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43 Mythicized history imitates historicized myth: where the god Asshur trained his rain of arrows on ancient Near Eastern conquests and subject nations, a general named Schwarzkopf conceived an Operation called Desert Storm.
verses, you shall find who those are that the Lord loves freely, such as having fall'n by their iniquitie, Return to the Lord, saying, Take away all iniquity, Asshur shall not save us, in thee the fatherless find mercy: that is, Those that have such Qualifications as these, they are the Persons whom the Lord loves freely.
Fuchs accepts the identification of a fragment from the Assur Temple in Asshur (VA 8424) as coming from a duplicate of cols.
The Ishmaelites dwelt from Havilah, by Shur, which is close to Egypt, all the way to Asshur (25:18).