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a low-level programing language

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Boasting a large C library and complete integration with all eCOG1 tools, the eCOG1 compiler supports mixed C and assembly programming along with source-level debugging using the simulator and emulator debug interface.
The Improv solution includes its innovative Composer environment for quick and easy configuration of multiple Jazz processors and its Notation Environment for software programming using a structured form of Java that requires no assembly programming.
CodeWarrior, used by more than 200,000 developers, provides cross-platform compilers for C, C++, Java and assembly programming languages.
Before starting his career at IBM, Banda was a visiting faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at Texas A&M University, where he taught several courses ranging from Assembly Programming to sophomores to Advanced Computer Architecture to seniors in the computer Science Department.
CodeWarrior's cross-platform compilers support C, C++, Java and assembly programming languages and are used for both embedded systems development and desktop applications.