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mechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it

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With this product, Fujitsu and Digital Process are providing robust support for everything from detailed product-assembly methods to considerations of the assembly process that take into account the production facility, helping customers to optimize production processes before anything is produced.
Because the assembly block features also shows processes on sub-lines or parallel operations, it enables a complete overview of the assembly process, including the relationships between individual processes, to be taken into consideration.
During the production stage, different skills may be required, given that the assembly process is steady-state and production-ready, with detailed work instructions completed to provide visual aid to the assembly operator.
This is an important step in our future growth and to remain competitive and profitable in such markets, we recognise that we must have real time control of our assembly process as part of an operation that can react swiftly to fluctuating customer requirements.
Key words: assembly process, assembly cell, intelligent assembly, sensory, design
Parts were also designed to be self-aligning, further reducing the complexity of the assembly process.
Explaining to design engineers why changes must be made to their designs in order to help the assembly process takes a lot of understanding of the entire tractor manufacturing process.
The APEX 2002 technical conference program is focused on the needs of engineers and managers in the electronics assembly industry and offers comprehensive information concerning all areas of the electronics assembly process.
Celera will continue sequencing the bits of human DNA for a few months before the complex assembly process begins in full.
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Delta Electronics (TSE:2308), a worldwide leader in energy technology, today announced that it has successfully completed the development of a certified and cost effective assembly process for the manufacturing of concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) modules, a new and exciting solar cell technology that boasts greater than 35% efficiency.
This results in frustration for consumers and potential loss of sales for manufacturers, whose products are less likely to be recommended if the assembly process proves too difficult.
One of the features of VPS, intended for the development of copy machines, servers, and other such products with densely packed electrical and mechanical components, makes it possible to test the assembly process through computer simulation using 3D models.
lINPAC Allibert +33 155 511700 global expert in plastic returnable transit packaging and supply chain solutions for the food, retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors, has appointed assembly process engineer Kasfaif Hussmn to support the development of its manufacturing capability in Winsford, Cheshire.
org) has released IPC-7093, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Termination Components.
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