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a charismatic Protestant denomination in the United States

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The Assembly of God Mission Church in Wilton Street, Redcar, was wrecked by a fire in February, 2000.
And the Assembly of God minister is evidently preaching to the converted at King's Community Church in Bulkington Road, where he now holds two services which pull in more than 600 people every Sunday.
Believe me, I know; I was a graduate of an Assembly of God college and a youth minister in two charismatic churches.
The Camden Convoy of Hope outreach represents an act of compassion by a coalition of community organizations to meet the basic physical and spiritual needs of Camden residents," explains Harold Sutton, senior pastor of Life Assembly of God and event coordinator.
But church bosses at the Assembly of God are set to kick him out after we exposed him last week.
From an article in The Dallas Morning News datelined Cedar Hill, Texas, on Trinity Church's youth pastor Tim Ferguson and his mission to save teens from sin by scaring them first: "Ferguson's Assembly of God church's alternative haunted house, Hell House 911, shows teens the road to hell with more than a dozen scenes about rape, suicide, and other grim topics--including a reenactment of the Littleton, Colorado, high school shooting in April.
Wartenbee, at the Bethel Assembly of God declares: "Dressing up in women's clothes is a lifestyle I don't approve of.
Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins during the 1985 and 1991 World Series, attends First Assembly of God in Phoenix, Arizona.
On Sunday, July 29 - Saturday, August 4, Tommie Zito Ministries, along with hundreds of Christians in Connecticut, will gather at First Assembly of God for a life-altering revival called the "Connecticut Awakening.
He was a member and former Sunday school teacher at the First Assembly of God Church in Worcester.
on Saturday, July 21, at the Goshen Assembly of God Church in Goshen.
MOORPARK - Lighthouse Assembly of God Church has joined the chorus of nearly 100 Moorpark business owners and residents who say a water pipeline project has damaged their property and blocked their establishments.
According to the Fort Smith Southwest Times Record, Cedarville parent Angle Haney complained about the Potter books after her pastor at the Uniontown Assembly of God offered a series of sermons about witchcraft and satanic cults.
She is coming to the Assembly of God Church in Short Street in the city centre on Saturday, February 19, to sing some of her hits as well as gospel songs.
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