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a low-level programing language

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Should We Continue Teaching Assembly Language in a Computer Science Curriculum?
Hackers could easily break these locks or passwords by reading and modifying the program (no matter what language they are written in) using assembly languages or debuggers.
The robust design of the Transformer System provides virtually unlimited capability to intelligently translate a broad range of source languages - including (but not limited to) various assembly languages, BCPL, C, CMS-2, COBOL, FORTRAN, JOVIAL, PASCAL and PL/1 - to such typical target languages as Ada, C and C++.
Freescale also offers the CodeWarrior(TM) Development Studio for HCS12X with XGATE, featuring support for development in C, C++ and assembly languages, and offering full visibility of all cores and processes.
Absoft Corporation today announced the availability of Fx2, an advanced new source-level debugging tool for Fortran (F77, F90, F95), C, C++, and assembly languages.
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