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a low-level programing language

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Should We Continue Teaching Assembly Language in a Computer Science Curriculum?
Freescale also offers the CodeWarrior(TM) Development Studio for HCS12X with XGATE, featuring support for development in C, C++ and assembly languages, and offering full visibility of all cores and processes.
Absoft Corporation today announced the availability of Fx2, an advanced new source-level debugging tool for Fortran (F77, F90, F95), C, C++, and assembly languages.
Because of the unique design of OS-9, developers can download Java classes from a central spot to these devices and also create plug-ins in C, C++, or assembly languages that can be downloaded to the device through the wired or wireless networks.
Instead of cumbersome assembly languages, which are used for developing DSP and media-related applications, the FR-V development environment enables users to write applications with high-level languages, which significantly reduces design cycle times.
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