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a low-level programing language

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For this you will need an Assembler, a piece of software that converts assembly code to machine code.
On the producer side of the prototype TALx86 system (see Figure 12), programs of the Scheme or Popcorn programming language are transformed into assembly code for the target platform, and the generated assembly code is annotated with type information resulting in Typed Assembly Language.
All these portable implementations allow only small multipliers and are slower than those using assembly codes directly.
In the past, speed requirements for performing real-time control have necessitated low-level assembly codes.
Jack added that the hacking wasn't something that was as difficult to do if one can read some assembly code.
Even though the assembly code was published, it was copyrighted and could not be reproduced.
Developers currently have to write applications in assembly code using a $4,500 Sun SparcStation.
Recompiling the source code with a different back end will yield assembly code for a different processor.
Tenders are invited for Megnet Valve Assembly Code No.
Speaker Chol Wal took over the assembly top post after the SPLM MPs impeached former Speaker Jodi Boyoris on charges of mismanagement of assembly code of business.
CodeRunner-PPC4XX JTAG Emulator software offers engineers source-level debug capability with multiple-window support, allowing the developer to view source code, assembly code, local and global variables, memory and register locations at the same time.
Under a Welsh Assembly code of practice the school has to keep parents informed.
Previously, we had to write customized assembly code for each application from scratch.
Thanks to a new way of handling inlined assembler statements, the user can now place pieces of assembly code right where it is needed in the high-level code, with access to the surrounding C variables.
Improved productivity GNATemulator can be installed directly on each developer's desktop machine, allowing tests to be written for the final target taking into account particulars, such as endianness and assembly code.
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