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a low-level programing language

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Because Assembler code can address a wide range of functionality, including processing application logic and interfacing with complex operating system procedures, Clerity's approach to Assembler conversion is to use software tools to the greatest extent possible, in conjunction with skilled service consultation.
The new VisaNet clearing system replaces complex and intertwining Assembler code applications with a modular set of applications and tables that will allow ongoing enhancements to be designed, tested, and deployed much more quickly.
LDRA tool suite for MIPS assembler code enables the certification of BIOS and board-level support as well as hand-coded assembly for all MIPS processors including those environmentally hardened.
This high-level DSP Software development environment takes the developer directly from the algorithm level to the SmartCores assembler code using the familiar MATLAB commands.
Assembler code is much more difficult to fix than 3rd generation languages such as COBOL, because the logic is often obscure and date values are hard to find.
The era of laboriously writing, porting and updating C and assembler code on myriad hardware platforms for automation control is coming to an end.
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