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a low-level programing language

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The LDRA tool suite is the only commercially available software solution able to qualify assembler code for certification.
Because Assembler code can address a wide range of functionality, including processing application logic and interfacing with complex operating system procedures, Clerity's approach to Assembler conversion is to use software tools to the greatest extent possible, in conjunction with skilled service consultation.
For systems needing such stringent compliance, the LDRA tool suite traces requirements to the underlying assembler code to confirm no errors have been introduced when the higher-level programming language devolves into low-level object code.
Using the Fermat technique; complex re-engineered and transformed into a more modern and flexible Java, C or CoBOL-based environment Re-engineering legacy Assembler code has always been seen as one of the most significant barriers to effectively transforming mixed Assembler and COBOL application.
LDRA tool suite for MIPS assembler code enables the certification of BIOS and board-level support as well as hand-coded assembly for all MIPS processors including those environmentally hardened.
The era of laboriously writing, porting and updating C and assembler code on myriad hardware platforms for automation control is coming to an end.
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