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Synonyms for assassination

Synonyms for assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

murder of a public figure by surprise attack

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Seventeen were executed at Rome alone, following the assassination of the Italian King.
Perhaps the most world-amazing achievement of his was the assassination of the King and Queen of Portugal.
My view of it," he flamed out, bringing his clenched hand down upon the table as if he had been in a public house dicing with blackguards--"my view of it is that it was a characteristically dastardly assassination by that damned traitor, Washington, and his ragamuffin rebels
The scientific world had barely had time to recover from the effect of this news, when it learned of the attempted assassination of Mademoiselle under the extraordinary conditions which we have detailed and which our visit to the chateau was to enable us to ascertain with yet greater precision.
I was trusted with the secret of Colonel Herncastle's plan for escaping assassination.
I leave others to draw their own conclusions in reference to the secret of the assassination as I have drawn mine.
Broader social, economic and political forces drive history, so that assassinations may not have meaningful effects.
20 (Saba)- Absence of states means the absence of stability and increasingly political assassinations targeting the advocates of the civil modern state like Jarallah Omer, Ahmad Sharafuddin, Abdulkarim Jadban and recently Dr.
I think that the current assassinations are similar to the ones that took place in 1994 to prevent building a stable state," said Abdulkareem Al-Khaiwani, a political activist and NDC member affiliated with the Houthis.
Summary: The March 14 bloc handed a petition Thursday to United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly demanding that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon investigate the assassinations of Lebanese officials, a U.
All the elements involved in the assassinations of the country's nuclear scientists have been identified and arrested," Iran's Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement at the time.
House Select Committee on Assassinations, during which he was the only one of a 9-member panel of forensic pathologists re-examining the JFK assassination to disagree with the single-bullet theory; served as a consultant on JFK
The statement affirmed that the battle against terrorism and extremism will end in the victory of life and freedom over the heralds of murder, extremism and darkness, stressing that the physical and political assassinations used by the enemies of the free word reveals their exclusionist and bloodthirsty mentality.
In turn, Abdelwaheb El Heni, El-Majd party president said that this cowardly act transformed the celebration of the Republic Day into mourning, saying it is part of a series of assassinations.
He stressed that "those who want to assassinate Nujaifi are re-using the assassinations squads related to them to keep their political opponents in order to deport him from his national role in maintaining the identity of Mosul ".