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Synonyms for assassination

Synonyms for assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

murder of a public figure by surprise attack

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The crowd were reminded by Victoria Brittain that 'The assassination of Ahmed Al Jabari was just one in a long long list of political assasinations that have been aimed at preventing Palestinians from having a leadership that can lead them to freedom.
The Dark Tourist finds Dom - who has been writing a travel column for The Times for several years - heading to some of the world's more 'unusual' holiday destinations - from skiing in Iran and visiting the sights of famous assasinations in the US to Chernobyl, Cambodia and North Korea.
Really, when he [Netanyahu] says that he wants Palestinians to govern themselves by themselves - Mr Netanyahu I have a question for you: How can I govern myself by myself under your wall, settlements, incursions, assasinations, roadblocks?
AMERICAN Special Forces were given the green light to conduct assasinations in 12 countries under George Bush.