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Morphology of Rhyacichthys aspro (Valenciennes 1837) in Mandulog River System, Iligan City, Northern Mindanao, Philippines.
Aspro Technology has all its manufacturing operations in China, where it employs some 1,300 people.
Sue Elaiho of Aspro UK, which owns the park having acquired it in 2008 said: "Gary is one of the most experienced and capable marketers currently working in the tourism industry and brings with him a huge level of expertise," she said.
Over the years there has been consolidation in the aquarium sector, the main groups now being Merlin, Aspro, Ocio and Parques Reunidos which operate most of the aquariums around the UK.
His yellow Saab was crushed under the back of the Aspro Haulage Ltd truck on the southbound carriageway.
One is the 'Trophy' family of systems, which is also known as Aspro (Armoured Shield Protection).
a) pre-tonic (short or semi-long vowel + aspro coda vowel)
Tour operator Aspro is set to pay up more than two years after Megan, Amber and Tiegan West suffered excruciating burns in Tenerife.
In particular, the family-focused Aspro range goes like hotcakes.
The discount is applicable to the adult basic price only as featured in the Airtours 4th Edition Summer brochure and Aspro Summer 4th Edition brochure.
THE Evening Telegraph have teamed up with Aspro Clear and St John's Ambulance to offer four lucky readers the chance of winning a travel first aid kit containing all your holiday essentials plus a guide entitled 'First Aid on Holiday'.
Aspro Clear is highly effective in treating the pain of headache, migraine and neuralgia and muscular, rheumatic, period and dental pains.
It's your chance to jet off on a sunshine holiday with one of THREE major tour operators - Airtours (including Aspro Holidays), First Choice and Kosmar Holidays.
Going Places is a subsidiary of Airtours, along with Aspro, Tradewinds and Eurosites.
If you are a Eurovision Song Contest watcher and fan you will surely remember the Cypriot singer who represented us back in 1987 with the song Aspro Mavro (White and Black), along with the big earrings and shoulder pads.