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Dr Hall said the Asprin team was planning to extend its pain research projects with the aim of adding to Cardiff's reputation as a centre of pioneering research.
O'r hen enw gwyddonol hwn, Spirea, y cafwyd yr enw Asprin.
Even wear the big white stockings and pop an asprin.
She adds that many doctors recommend asprin but her belief is that while this may help to prevent a heart attack or stroke it will not have any real affect on a potential DVT.
She was prescribed a daily dose of half an asprin tablet and two self-administredinjections of the drug Heprarin, top revent the clotting.
If skin still feels stiff and swollen, a pain reliever like asprin or Ibuprofen will help.
ASPRIN, as well as warding off heart attacks, also reduces the severity of herpes outbreaks, say researchers at New York State's Rochester University.
Retailers including Boots, Superdrug and UniChem are planning backdoor increases for products such as asprin and paracetamol.
Roedd cyfle hefyd i browla drwy storfa gemegau'r coetir a darganfod o ble rydan ni'n cael Asprin, gliw a sebon.
The bark of the willow tree contains salicylic acid, used to make Asprin.
Can we expect Prozac to be added to the water of a particularly depressed area or asprin to the water of an area that suffers above average strokes?
This fly - if it can be called a fly - has two foam balls the size of an asprin.
Brillo, Superbo, Deadballexperto, Junior Baiano and Junior Asprin.
Additional recommended therapies include: asprin, if no contraindications exist; nitroglycerin spray for immediate relief of angina; and lipid lowering therapy in patients with LDL cholesterol level 130mg/dI.