Asplenium nidus

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tropical Old World or Australian epiphytic fern frequently forming tufts in tree crotches

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Taxon Status Elevational range (m) Adiantum 'Edwinii' Nz 0-500 Adiantum hispidulum Nz 90-1250 (-1825) Asplenium adiontum-nigrum I 350-4000 Asplenium aethiopicum * I 305-1950 Asplenium dielerectum E 500-1700 Asplenium caudatum I 200-1000 Asplenium nidus I 40-610 Asplenium normale I 375-1680 Asplenium trichomanes subsp.
Plants that do well in a terrarium include asplenium nidus, hypoestes, peperomia caperata, maranta tricolorand St Paulia.
Photosynthetic gas exchange was measured in situ with either the adaxial or abaxial leaf surface illuminated on vertical, horizontal, and angled leaves of Asplenium nidus and vertical leaves of Ophioderma pendula, two epiphytic ferns in a subtropical rain forest in northeastern Taiwan.
Leaf photosynthetic parameters were measured for six individuals of Asplenium nidus L.