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3%) of the Dieulafoy patients had Aspirine consumption, it didn't show to be a significant association, in contrast to the use of anticoagulants that proved to be significantly more frequently associated with the development of DL.
One hundred and four women were randomized as 40 mg enoxaparine group and 100 mg aspirine group and as soon as fetal cardiac activity was seen prophylaxis was started and live birth rate was 81.
Par ailleurs, on trouve l'aspirine dite retard, ou aspirine drageifiee.
aspirine et anti-vitamines K (AVK) en association sans protection digestive par antagoniste des recepteurs H2 de l'histamine (anti-H2) (excepte la cimetidine en raison du risque d'interaction avec les AVK) ou inhibiteurs de la pompe a protons (risque eleve de saignement gastro-intestinal).