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a pump that draws air or another gas through a liquid

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Main Segments Included: Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Device Market, Detachable Coil Market, Liquid Embolics Market, Neurovascular Catheter Market, Neurovascular Guidewire Market, Neurovascular Stent Market, Neuromodulation Market, Neuroendoscope Market, Stereotactic Market, Ultrasonic Aspirator Market, Neurological Microscope Market, Aneurysm Clip Market, Intrathecal Pump Market, Neurosurgery Robotic Assisted Surgery System Market.
According to the carrier, the exclusive agreement covers aspirators on Boeing's B737, B47, B767 and B777 airplanes, and the work will be performed at the UTC Aerospace Systems MRO facility in Singapore.
Initially, we used the commercial aspirators but experienced difficulties in transferring the designated numbers of arthropods.
Offers venturis, aspirators, blowers, cyclones, rotary valves, and quick-disconnect pneumatic piping.
In addition, they have added a full line of tumescent anesthesia instruments, aspirators, cannulas, transfer units, and tissue reinjection products.
UNFPA provided 350,000 "Emergency Reproductive Health Kits" that included chemical abortifacients and manual vacuum aspirators (devices used for early term abortions).
Because the handheld aspirators are so easy to use, requiring only local anesthesia and frequently no mechanical dilatation, they are well suited for those patients who opt for a medical abortion but then find it too uncomfortable, Dr.
So Orshi cut a deal with the Hungarian inventor and decided to start a company to sell nasal vacuum aspirators for babies in the US.
June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- PARIS AIR SHOW -- All Nippon Airways (ANA) has selected UTC Aerospace Systems for a long-term agreement to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO) of aspirators on selected Boeing aircraft operated by the airline.
The seals, which are designed to seal inflation valve aspirators after full inflate volume is reached, are molded from silicone, a high performance elastomer said to be capable of withstanding temperature extremes of -60 to +400[degrees]F.
Keywords: Cerebrospinal fluid shunts, CSF external drainage systems, Intracranial pressure monitoring devices, Detachable coils liquid embolic market, Catheters, neurovascular stents, Guidewires, Spinal cord stimulators, Vagus nerve stimulators, Neuroendoscopes, Stereotatic market, Ultrasonic aspirators, Neurosurgical microscopes, Aneurysm clips.
Any parent can tell you how ineffective these aspirators are, and how they usually only result in louder screams from the baby.
These downsized units are said to be the first multipass aspirators (dedusters) designed to mount directly on injection machines.
Nosefrida is designed to be placed against the nostril, forming a seal, rather than inserted into the nostril like bulb aspirators.
The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the US nasal product market and covers nasal aspirators, strips and sprays, drops and inhalers.