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a pump that draws air or another gas through a liquid

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Then we made aspirators to use for catching small insects.
When one considers the number of facilities with multiple water aspirators in operation, these numbers can become staggering.
a nasal aspirator for children, Gonzalez has proven that making the most of one's experience and connections are a cornerstone for turning vision into reality.
According to the carrier, the exclusive agreement covers aspirators on Boeing's B737, B47, B767 and B777 airplanes, and the work will be performed at the UTC Aerospace Systems MRO facility in Singapore.
Initially, we used the commercial aspirators but experienced difficulties in transferring the designated numbers of arthropods.
for the 12 weeks ended December 26, 2010, sales of nasal aspirators were basically flat, edging up just 0.
These downsized units are said to be the first multipass aspirators (dedusters) designed to mount directly on injection machines.
These floor aspirators attach to any standard suction canister via the wall suction and conform to any shape, accommodating all areas of the operating room such as around foot pedals or table legs.
In 2001, abortion promotor IPAS advised potential clients that its manual vacuum aspirators (for village abortions) were listed in the UNICEF warehouse catalogue.
In addition, they have added a full line of tumescent anesthesia instruments, aspirators, cannulas, transfer units, and tissue reinjection products.
UNFPA provided 350,000 "Emergency Reproductive Health Kits" that included chemical abortifacients and manual vacuum aspirators (devices used for early term abortions).
Because the handheld aspirators are so easy to use, requiring only local anesthesia and frequently no mechanical dilatation, they are well suited for those patients who opt for a medical abortion but then find it too uncomfortable, Dr.
So Orshi cut a deal with the Hungarian inventor and decided to start a company to sell nasal vacuum aspirators for babies in the US.
5) or aspirators Vacuum Tubes for fluid collection autopsy (294 Linear Metro)
As a result, nasal aspirators for removing mucus have become one of the hottest growth items in the cough/cold department.