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a condition in which insufficient or no oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged on a ventilatory basis

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A supporter-related MCI, particularly when due to supporter stampedes with resulting asphyxial crush-type injuries, requires immediate basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with effective external chest compressions and efficient rescue ventilation to all those who are unresponsive and apnoeic.
He said Coutts' defence that the 31-year-old died during consensual asphyxial sex was 'the biggest insult'.
Miss Longhurst's partner Malcolm Sentance said Coutts' defence that he was having an affair with Jane, and that she died during consensual asphyxial sex, was "the biggest insult".
Victim: Jane Longhurst, a talented viola player and popular special needs teacher; Killer Graham Coutts: Obsessed with necrophilia and asphyxial sex; Graham Coutts is caught on camera removing a box from the Big Yellow Self Storage Company containing the body of Jane Longhurst
ABSTRACT: Excluding laryngeal papillomas, neoplasms of the hypopharynx rarely cause sudden asphyxial death in adults.
A high prevalence of meconium-stained amniotic fluid is an outstanding feature among the intrapartum and asphyxial neonatal deaths.
of Accident/ Homicide Category, Cause % of Total) Accidents Asphyxial deaths 31 (36, 16) Smoke inhalation [+ or -] burns 18 (21, 9) Blunt torso [+ or -] head 14 (16, 7) Drowning 9 (10, 5) Blunt head trauma 8 (9, 4) Thermal injury 4 (5, 2) Maternal cocaine 2 (2, 1) Electrocution 1 (1, 0.
New guidelines emphasise simplicity and what is considered to be the most effective method for resuscitating adults, children and infants after sudden cardiac arrest from either major heart rhythm disturbances or pump failure and asphyxial arrest from prolonged hypoxia.
1) Blood in the urine or diminished urine output are signs of kidney dysfunction that sometimes accompanies an asphyxial injury.
Infarction of the basal ganglia as a result of streptococcal infection may be confused with a profound asphyxial injury, but a gadolinium-enhanced MRI can highlight changes characteristic of meningitis to help make the diagnosis.
The probability of the fetal complications of spontaneous preterm deliveries, asphyxial events, and meconium staining of amniotic fluid, placenta, and membranes rose by 1%-2% for each additional [micro]mol/L of maternal serum bile acid when the total level of bile acids exceeded 40 [micro]mol/L.
Musician Coutts was obsessed with violent pornography and killed Jane at his flat in Brighton, East Sussex, to fulfil a 20 year "macabre sexual fantasy" about asphyxial sex.
But for Miss Gates, one of Coutts's sexual partners who consented to asphyxial sex in the name of love, his warning he may be unable to control his perverse fantasy gave her an insight into his mind few others had seen.
Sexual deviant Graham Coutts, 35, was jailed for life for strangling former Liverpool student Jane Longhurst to death with a pair of tights while fulfilling his ``sordid and evil'' obsession with necrophiliaand asphyxial sex.
Prof Jack Crane, the state pathol-ogistfor Northern Ireland who examined both Dr Heath and Prof Milroy's findings, also put forward the theory of asphyxial death.