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varying slightly from a perfectly spherical shape


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MOD lenses have been introduced in several low vision devices, providing higher-powered lenses for both hand-held devices and high-powered spectacles offering a significant reduction in weight and thickness compared to similar powered aspheric lens designs (see Figure 2).
We will start shipping samples of this large-diameter aspheric lens as a key device that meets the needs of our corporate customers.
All of the lens options in the REALiS Pro A/V series include features developed from Canon's industry-leading EOS technology, including aspheric lens elements help to diminish distortion and an Ultra Low Dispersion (UD) element to reduce chromatic aberration.
2) Practically, an aspheric lens surface can be identified using a lens measure.
78d aspheric lens,+90 d asheric lens for bio (volk)opthelmoscopy.
first and only pupil-independent, non-apodized fully diffractive aspheric lens designed to correct the two highest order aberrations - spherical and chromatic - to give patients back their youthful vision;
The personalised back surface aspheric lens, with larger and clearer vision zones, is said to be revolutionary, as it is the only lens with all the right dimensions and optical properties necessary for the unusual measurements of wrap-around frames.
Pristine imagery is also assured by Sony s quality G Lens which redefines what an aspheric lens and special low-dispersion glass combination can reproduce.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to market the Akreos([TM]) Advanced Optics Aspheric Lens (model AO60) in the United States.
FUJINON XF lenses are the pinnacle of Fujifilm's optical design technology, with top quality all-glass construction including aspheric lens elements.
A molded glass aspheric lens has two advantages over a multi-element lens, first, the aspheric design reduces spherical aberration and coma in a single element, and second, with fewer optical surfaces required, overall light transmission is higher," states Emily Kubacki, Optics Product Manager.