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varying slightly from a perfectly spherical shape


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Mentor, OH, USA) noncontact double aspheric lens was attached to the smartphone with clear tape (Figure 1).
For the eyepiece Arvind has used an aspheric lens to make the screen visible from such close distance.
For example," he says, "we used a microscope objective in the system that cost $3,000, but we've since found an $82 aspheric lens that works just as well.
For example, the 30mm aspheric lens is the same one used in the company's KB 35mm model and is touted as delivering sharp pictures under a variety of conditions.
This newest version sports all the latest wizardry -- fully multi-coated optics and an aspheric lens system -- just like the most expensive camera lenses.
All of the lens options in the REALiS Pro A/V series include features developed from Canon's industry-leading EOS technology, including aspheric lens elements help to diminish distortion and an Ultra Low Dispersion (UD) element to reduce chromatic aberration.
An aspheric lens element in the eyepiece increases resolution.
The advanced aspheric lens design provides thin, lightweight and comfortable lenses with reduced eye magnification.
Generally, an aspheric lens is dispensed to the most positive powered eye in order to reduce spectacle magnification.
first and only pupil-independent, non-apodized fully diffractive aspheric lens designed to correct the two highest order aberrations - spherical and chromatic - to give patients back their youthful vision;
The PowerShot SX720 HS digital cameras new 40x Optical Zoom lens (24-960mm equivalent focal length range) uses one Hi-UD, three UD and three aspheric lens elements to help achieve high image quality and high magnification, while also utilizing Canons Intelligent Imaging Stabilizing (IS) technology for greater optical performance.
Biconvex lenses offer larger lens diameters, particularly in the lower power range and if the patient requires stronger magnification, then an aspheric lens will reduce weight and thickness while controlling distortion and aberrations.
The air-quality sensor prototype consists of a laser diode, aspheric lens, light-collecting mirror, photodetector and airflow controller.