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Synonyms for asphalt

mixed asphalt and crushed gravel or sand

a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation

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cover with tar or asphalt

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Time Bitumen use Reference AD Over 650 Gamble 1000-1500 tarring pebbles 1983 at coastal mainland settlement (Pitas Point site) AD Leaf-shaped Gamble 1000--1500 point replaced 1983 with concave base form (abandoned use of asphaltum in hafting) AD 1100 Earliest Gamble examples of 2002 bitumen caulking and canoe plugs (Simo'mo site) AD 500 Introduction of Glassow bow and arrow etal.
Other remains were drilled and bore traces of asphaltum, a tar-like oil collected for use as a caulking agent, which suggests to anthropologists that the shells might have been used as ceremonial rattles.
Typically these designs, in colors such as deep red, green and pumpkin yellow, are either hand-painted or stenciled onto a black background of asphaltum -- a naturally occurring tar-like substance -- mixed with varnish.
63) The pollywogs are often shaved, lathered with such solutions as asphaltum, molasses, lubricating oil and tar.
95; Deco Art Americana acrylic paints in Asphaltum, Dusty Rose, White and Lilac, pounds 1.
Contents include masses of fish, bird and mammal bone, shells, grinding implements, flaked debitage and tools, shell ornaments and beads, bead-making refuse, fishing gear, woven bags and mats, bone tools, asphaltum and much more.
Like Joseph Nicephore Niepce, who made the first photograph by developing an asphaltum-coated pewter plate in a solution of lavender oil, Gonzalez Palma uses asphaltum to create his images.
Students apply a thin coat of asphaltum to a piece of copper or "Nu-Gold.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of road and footpath with new kerb, old channel, hot asphaltum mix and ips pavement at 46,72a,70,59, t.