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Synonyms for aspersion

Synonyms for aspersion

Synonyms for aspersion

a disparaging remark

an abusive attack on a person's character or good name

the act of sprinkling water in baptism (rare)


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The President Pakistan Muslim League has stated that the once who only pay rupees 5000 as tax despite owning property worth billions have the audacity to cast false aspersions at others.
Altho ugh cynics may use Harmison's sick note to cast aspersions on his commitment to one-day cricket, coach Duncan Fletcher decided it was not worth risking his strike bowler in the fivematch contest which begins in Cardiff tomorrow.
AS a reader with not one drop of Irish blood in my veins, I find your anti-Irish sentiments, where you cast aspersions on the human intelligence of each individual Irish person, deeply offensive.
When lying failed, team Clinton-Gore reliably resorted to the smear, casting aspersions on anyone who stood in its way - Billy Dale, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey.
It said: "In accepting my resignation they wished to make it clear no aspersions had been cast on my integrity or honesty.
But it annoys me no end that aspersions have been cast about his running at Newbury where, because he finished second under just hands and heels riding, some people seemed to think he was cheating.
The apex court, however, clarified that any observation made by the High Court in its order should not be construed as aspersions on the State CID, which was earlier conducting the investigation into the case.
ISLAMABAD, August 31, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Spokesman for the President former Senator Farhatullah Babar giving his reaction to a private TV channel over the statement of Ahsan Iqbal, rejected the aspersions of conspiracy from Aiwan-e-Sadr.
By casting aspersions on the legitimate claims, this group is adding to the heartbreak of victims.
Rejecting media aspersions that he had committed a dereliction of duty, Balakrishnan said: "I regret to say that the allegations are absolutely incorrect.
Uncalled for aspersions through various quarters on our training methods/orientation are apparently due to lack of knowledge and understanding of our training system in vogue, he said.
Sinn Fein councillor Joe O'Reilly said: "It was never the intention of Sinn Fein to cast aspersions on any member of staff and we regret any hurt that may have been caused.
Without casting any aspersions on any existing systems, we do have a high quality of customer service standards,'' said Larry Windsor, Adelphia's regional government affairs manager.
According to the Globe and Mail, Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney issued an apology on Friday, saying Canadian immigration officials should never have cast aspersions on India's institutions.
In 1998, England coach David Lloyd was carpeted by Lord's for casting aspersions on demon spinner Muttiah Muralitharan's action after his 16-wicket demolition of Alec Stewart's side at the Oval.