acetylsalicylic acid

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Many of its products are well-known brands, such as Anacin, Sucrets, Nix, Bonine, Ting, Cepastat, Fiberall, Nostrilla, Allerest, Aspergum, and N'ICE.
is striving to reinvigorate Sucrets throat lozenges, Allerest for colds and allergies, Aspergum for sore throat pain relief, and N'Ice cough suppressants and lozenges.
Concurrent with the purchase of Sucrets, IPC has entered into a services agreement with Heritage Consumer Products ("Heritage"), a marketer of 18 OTC pharmaceutical brands including N'ICE, Cepastat, Acutrim, Aspergum and Eucalyptamint amongst others.
Other products in Insight's lineup include Allerest, a medication for colds and allergies; Americaine hemorrhoidal ointment; Aspergum for sore throat pain relief; Bonine, a motion sickness remedy; Caldecort hydrocortisone; N'Ice cough suppressants and lozenges; and Nix, a lice treatment formerly available by prescription only.
Sucrets complements the supplier's N'Ice, Cepastat and Aspergum lines in the sore throat segment, as well as providing synergies with Heritage's cold/allergy-related Nostrilla, Allerest and Privine brands.