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The place fixed on for the stand-shooting was not far above a stream in a little aspen copse.
The sun was setting behind a thick forest, and in the glow of sunset the birch trees, dotted about in the aspen copse, stood out clearly with their hanging twigs, and their buds swollen almost to bursting.
Levin said to himself, noticing a wet, slate-colored aspen leaf moving beside a blade of young grass.
And then she told us the old legend that the cross on which the Saviour of the world suffered was made of aspen poplar wood and so never again could its poor, shaken, shivering leaves know rest or peace.
In a like manner, in Siberia, we have woods of birch, fir, aspen, and larch, growing in a latitude [10] (64 degs.
This same bark also grows in furrowed ridges at the bottom of the trunks of older aspens.
In the West, aspens string south along the Rockies into northern Mexico.
Aspens do not generally grow in shade themselves, but the seral aspens provide shade for young conifers, which are a shade-tolerant species.
We held aspen in high regard because we knew that if we could tie our fireline into a grove of aspens, they would act as a firebreak.
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