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The trunk or straightest part of the aspen tree is peeled for crossbands.
In celebration of its Gold LEED certification, the SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown has planted an Aspen tree and an on-site Chef s Garden, where Executive Chef Daniel Hyman is growing vegetables and herbs to be used in food and beverage offerings through the hotel's banquet and catering department.
In northwestern Colorado, I hung a treestand in an aspen tree overlooking a hidden spring and had a number of bulls within easy bow range.
You might say I am rather fond of the Aspen tree (Populus tremuliodes).
According to legend, the wood of an aspen tree was used to make the cross on which Christ was crucified; Jonny Wilkinson smiles at the crowds during the England Rugby World Cup team victory parade in LondonMiddle row, Canadian carver Guy Beauregard works on his sculpture 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' during preparations for the Ice World Festival in Luebeck, northern Germany; a worker in front of the rising moon as he climbs down from a new electricity pylon near Frankfurt, central Germany; one of the first cars leaves the M6 Toll, Britain's first pay-as-you-go motorwayBottom row, A members of Iraq's Civil Defence Corp (ICDC ) graduating after 21 days training in a ceremony at the military base in Tikrit, Iraq; Blue in concert at the NEC
A number of years ago I carved my name into the bark of an aspen tree.
THE HUGE BULL HAD STOPPED behind a big aspen tree, looking for that amorous cow and her young boyfriend that were supposedly here somewhere.
We used a stout (we thought) aspen tree to anchor the rope to.
Somewhere in the back and beyond, there is a small depression with a marvellous aspen tree growing in it.
Thus our second hypothesis was that aspen tree regeneration would take place not in the burned areas but in unburned stands far from the fires.
Secondly, the leaves are heart shaped, similar to an aspen tree, representing her love for Colorado.
According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the squatter is a bear that decided to hibernate on the soft grass and moss on the interior of a 4-foot-wide mass of sticks and twigs the eagles constructed last year atop a 45-foot tall aspen tree.
On the way up to Punchaw, British Columbia, as Linda, Chelsea and I were driving past the Quesnel area, we noticed that virtually every aspen tree was stripped of its usual lush spring foliage.
Other scientists engineered Arabidopsis and an aspen tree so that the LFY gene stayed active.