antisocial personality disorder

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a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect

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The SCID-II was used to ascertain that all participants met criteria for ASPD (i.
Psychosocial interventions have generally been considered ineffective for individuals with ASPD.
New ASPD Technology Applied with HiColor Technology, Achieving 105% NTSC
This adds to behavioural and developmental evidence that psychopathy is an important subgroup of ASPD with a different neurobiological basis and different treatment needs," said Dr Nigel Blackwood from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's and lead author of the study.
Indeed, concerns have been raised about the use of personality disorders, such as ASPD, as acceptable diagnoses for some form of civil management, rather than as a means of psychiatric description for clinical purposes, is simply a mechanism of extending incapacitation in situations where incarceration has been criticized as not long enough or ineffective.
Treatment: A recent review on the management of sleep disorders in older persons includes the treatment of ASPD (44).
People with alcohol dependence and comorbid drug dependence displayed earlier age of onset of regular drinking, higher rates of ASPD, conduct disorder, and novelty seeking.
Further analysis revealed that patients with OCPD and no history of alcoholism were almost 10 times more likely to relapse in the face of a stressful romantic problem, while those with ASPD and no history of alcoholism were six times more likely to relapse in the event of a stressful financial event, Dr.
TABLE 2--Help Seeking for Mental Health or Alcohol Problems by Alaska Natives in Alcohol Treatment (N = 469) Women Men Sought help for n % n % Mental health problem *** 161 78 158 60 Alcohol problem 197 96 253 96 Lifetime depression * 132 64 144 55 Lifetime ASPD *** 43 21 102 39 NOTE: ASPD = antisocial poersonality disorder.
The Tele-Locator antenna, model ASPD 913 TGPS, allows location tracking for areas where service providers have added GPS positioning to their cellular services.
ASPD, Livro de termos do ano de 1832; Verger, Trade Relations, pp.
The stated purpose of ASPD was to advance the field of administrative and supervisory practices in all areas of rehabilitation activities in order that all personnel working in a rehabilitation setting could achieve maximum use of all resources, including themselves, in promoting the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
Petry (2002) reported that substance abusers with ASPD discount delayed rewards significantly more steeply than substance abusers without ASPD, who in turn discount more steeply than non-ASPD, non-substance abusing controls.
There is good evidence that both ASPD [antisocial personality disorder] and HIV affect the same regions of the brain," he said at the annual conference of the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society.
One of the most common of these comorbid conditions is ASPD, an axis II personality disorder (1) marked by a longstanding pattern of irresponsibility and violating the rights of others that generally predates the problems with alcohol.