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the capital of Eritrea


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The ethnic minority Red Sea Afars say they are the victim of human rights abuses and politically motivated persecution by the regime in Asmera as well as by the Foreign States and Multinational foreign Corporations.
Kichler's Minoff Lamp division unveils the Asmera collection of lighting, furniture and accessories.
The Asmera Brewery cannot yet meet local demand but, with private capital, it also has good potential for export.
40) Denel subsidiaries such as Kentron (electronics), Lyttleton Ingenieurwerke (artillery), Asmera and Auitronic (cluster bombs), Routech Radar, Grinaker Avitronics (retro-fitting attack helicopters) and Aerotek and Airconcor (avionics) appeared on the trade show programme.
Alan Peyton comes to INDUSMIN ENERGY as a senior geophysicist with over 38 years experience in the oil and gas industry working with such companies as Hunt International Petroleum, Fletcher Challenge (Philippines), Asmera Oil Limited, P.