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Synonyms for asceticism

Synonyms for asceticism

the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state

the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

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With that in mind, Askesis has taken advantage of what may well be the largest IT beta-testing group outside of Microsoft.
Western Psychiatric, the largest provider of behavioral health services in the region and a national leader in care delivery, has worked extensively with Askesis to embed clinical decision support in the software.
It constitutes a spiritual discipline ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) or askesis for artist and viewer alike.
Some of the methods envisioned by Epictetan askesis should prompt us to ask the general question: Can cognitive theorists help themselves to just any possible means of behavior modification, while still claiming that what they are attempting to do is to reshape beliefs?
She notes that "anorexia is described by anorectics themselves as a form of askesis, a discipline of the body for the sake of a 'higher purpose.
This kind of askesis practiced in and through leitourgia might be
The restraints which the State imposes in the name of the nation's greatness result in a collective askesis.
spiritual and intellectual effects of physical askesis.
Chapter 4, "Such Trustful Partnership," explores in detail the creation of the sexually active marriage as a form of askesis.
Franklin's regimen mentis, his program of self-cultivation and "constant vigilance" maintained by means of score-keeping notebooks, was, like the Stoic exercises of old, an askesis or ascetics of the self aimed at developing the Art of Vrtue (the title of a book Franklin wanted to write but never managed to complete) (6).
Still, the noncommittal ideological levitation that the FitzGerald translation performed remains a remarkable feat of cultural askesis.
NM-Y: So, real dialogue requires a certain spiritual askesis [Greek, "training" or "asceticism"]?
She watched cinema with such figures in her head and so of course was attuned to distantiation, all-over style, fragmentation, askesis, and self-reflection.
In 1973, in The Anxiety of Influence, Bloom introduced his "Six Revisionary Ratios," an odd assortment of terms and concepts wrenched out of their contexts in classical antiquity and turned into intimidating jargon: Clinamen, Tessera, Kenosis, Doemonization, Askesis, Apophrades.