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Synonyms for asceticism

Synonyms for asceticism

the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state

the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

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25) In The Use of Pleasure, Foucault defines askesis as "an exercise of oneself in activity of thought," one which often results in dietetic or sexual forbearance (p.
With that in mind, Askesis has taken advantage of what may well be the largest IT beta-testing group outside of Microsoft.
Sloterdijk's side view charts just this history of askesis, in a way re-framing the question, What is philosophy?
Proponemos ahora cierto distanciamiento de Menke al sostener que, en ultima instancia, la diferencia esencial no radica en la mencionada imposibilidad, sino en una reflexividad cuya tesitura contrapanoptica nos vuelve a situar en el cuerpo como punto axial, esto es, una reflexividad como askesis contrapanoptica.
Peterson lays out a rule of life as a possible way of sustaining a regular askesis, using the ancient practice of praying with the Psalms, completing the whole Psalter every month, "whether we feel like it or not.
The aim of liberal education was no longer the askesis of the spirit but rather mental discipline.
Askesis Development Group provides state-of-the-art software solutions for service delivery and business management excellence in health and human service organizations.
De ahi que el arte de vivir, la techne tou biou, no se pudiera adquirir sin una askesis, sin un entrenamiento de si mismo, por si mismo.
make use of the askesis [strict self-discipline] techniques of the art of living (Schmid, 2000a, pp.
Askesis, the Greek word for "exercise," came to encompass those disciplines that liberated one from disordered passions and inculcated the virtues for a deeper union with God.
without the protagonist reaching the askesis in this conversion attempt,
In this context, the askesis of monochrome can be (though it need not; there are no guarantees) a form of tact.
51) According to Lynch such an askesis "seeks not to rid us of the capacity for experiencing sacred forms, but to create a new dynamic in this experience, another current that moves in relation to the tides of moral emotion that sweep through social life.
will be recognized only in the practice of askesis.
Put differently, mission as askesis, expressed in authentic Christian life styles is what accords mission of the Spirit credibility.