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The number of job seekers in Asir went up to 22,600 in 2008 from 10,300 in 2006 in Asir, while Jazan, the southernmost region, saw a rise to 5,700 in 2008 from about 4,000 in 2006, he said.
Asir was the inspiration for two of the paintings exhibited by the Prince of Wales, who has twice visited the province, most recently in November 1999.
At least 66 high-ranking Saudi army officers, including two senior commanders, were killed when the Yemeni missiles hit Khamis Mushait air base in Asir province in retaliation for the kingdom's aggression against their nation.
But sources said that Asir is likely to postpone the protest after a number of officials and religious figures contacted him.
The results of this study show that low-dose abdominal CT with ASIR is a viable technique with image quality that is nearly comparable to that of our routine dose techniques and is worthy of further study," said Hara.
The army and popular committees also targeted Maltah military site in Asir with tens of shells and rockets, causing casualties and heavy losses in the enemy's gear.
Earlier today, the Yemeni army and popular forces hit a strategic military air base in Asir province in Southern Saudi Arabia with Scud missiles, killing tens of high-ranking Saudi officers and commanders and destroying over two dozen F-15 fighter jets and Apache helicopters.
Upon leaving Abha Regional Airport, the Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques was seen off by Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Asir region and a number of civil and military officials.
The new warning follows reports that the suicide bomber in Asir used an undocumented SIM card.
The aim of fifth contract is at the construction of water storage dam and a plant for water distribution in Asir region and the sixth contract includes the supply and installation of equipment for water projects in provinces of Riyadh region, while the seventh contract includes the project of water transporting line from the feeding point to the tanks of Al-Rona in Asir region.
Berth occupancy at the Port was 90% on Tuesday where a total of ten ships namely, CGM Mozart, MV Deira, MV Asir, MN Rana, Tycoon-II, Majestic, Pearl of Jubel Ali, Gennaro Ievoli, Olympic Serenity, Al Azizoo and Golden Top are currently occupying berths to load/offload cement, wheat, canola seed, chemicals, furnace oil, bunker barge and edible oil respectively during last 24 hours.
But such plans have been hampered by clerics who have scuppered music concerts at the Asir summer festival and blocked what would have been the kingdom's first film festival in Jeddah this year.
08 (Saba) -- The missiles forces of the army and popular committees managed on Sunday to destroy a Saudi military vehicle and demolished a number of locations in Asir.
Also, the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen television reported that the Yemeni army and popular forces fired 15 missiles and rockets at a Saudi military base in Asir on Monday and before taking the city of al-Rabouah.
Three of them are being treated at Asir Central Hospital.