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37) Some have viewed the title Asinus Aureus as an allusion to the Seth animal, with "golden" referring to the 'ruddy', 'tawny', or 'flame-red' color ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) of Plutarch's Typhonic ass.
Mae asyn yn ddisgynnydd i'r asyn gwyllt o Affrica, ac mae hyn yn cael ei adlewyrchu yn ei enw gwyddonol - Equus africanus asinus.
asinus in the state is provided along with a discussion of possible ecological implications of its presence.
It is an open question whether we should assume such syncategorematic concepts, as this English construction suggests, or we should rather assume simple connotative concepts corresponding to the genitive form of a noun, as the Latin construction asinus hominis would suggest.
Ovis canadensis nelsoni (desert bighorn sheep) and Equus asinus (burro) are active during the day (Eifert and Eifert 2000).
Adventavis asinus, pulcher et fortissimus: these words may have been intended as a general statement about fiction.
Doody translates from Asinus Aureus this description: "certainly bold enough, who with his bad manners and contempt for all public discipline, armed with his flames and arrows, runs about at night through other people's houses, breaking up everybody's marriages, who commits so many shameful acts with impunity" (362).
14 (`Issachar asinum fortis accubans inter terminos'; emphasis mine), he is also recollecting the words of Richard of St Victor: `Ysachar, inquit, asinus fortis, habitans inter terminos' (emphasis mine).