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Although no new species are described in this review, much new information is made available that should be of interest to students of Afrotropical Asilidae.
Londt (1994) in his 'ecological classification' of Afrotropical Asilidae mentions a number of genera that live in close association with water, both marine and fresh.
A phylogenetic hypothesis for Asilidae based on a total evidence analysis of morphological and DNA sequence data (Insecta, Diversity, Brachycera, Asiloidea).
Rhodesian Asilidae (Diptera) and their prey collected by Mr C.
As a student of Afrotropical Asilidae the author is well acquainted with five of these, Ancylorhynchus, Connomyia, Microstylum, Scylaticus and Stenopogon, as they are well represented in the afrotropics, and so can testify with certainty that the Madagascan species does not belong to any of these.
In the writer's experience, Asilidae are not usually adequately sampled using flight traps, and when reasonable numbers are found in traps, samples are often dominated my male specimens (e.
Etymology: Named for Dr Fred Gess (AMGS), who, together with his wife Sarah, collected many interesting Afrotropical Asilidae, including the holotype and a paratype of this new species.
In my experience Malaise traps are generally not very effective in collecting Asilidae, probably because asilids do not usually display the kind of sustained flight normally associated with insects that readily find their way into these traps.
I acknowledge the assistance of the many conservation authorities that have issued collecting permits over the many years I have been working on Afrotropical Asilidae.
Oldroyd (1974)--In reviewing the southern African Asilidae, produced a key to Daspletis that included four species--albosetatus (Angola, Namibia), hirtus (Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe), vulpes (Botswana, Zambia) and a new species, salicior (South Africa).
Etymology: Named for William 'Bill' Snow in recognition of his collecting activities in The Gambia which have greatly contributed to our understanding of West African Asilidae (See Londt 2010, 2012).
The new family Leptogastridae (the grass flies) compared with the Asilidae (robber flies) (Diptera).
Testing species richness estimation methods using museum label data on the Danish Asilidae.
Although an extensive survey of morphological structures of insect eggs has been conducted (Hinton 1981; Margaritis 1985), little information concerning the surface structure of eggs of Asilidae is present.
The following 17 Dipteran families were recorded for both sites: Tabanidae, Stratiomyidae, Asilidae, Culicidae, Mycetophilidae, Tachinidae, Muscidae, Tipulidae, Anthomyiidae, Bombyliidae, Tanypezidae, Syrphidae, Sciaridae, Pipunculidae, Chironomidae, Dolichopodidae, and Conopidae.