Asiatic cholera

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an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food

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The pandemic that swept North American cities in 1832 was caused by a comma-shaped bacterium, Vibro cholerae, known by various names including Asiatic cholera and Cholera morbus.
During the 1830s, Asiatic cholera succeeded where armies had failed and took Moscow.
Duffy's Cut is the dark side of the Irish immigrant experience in the early 19th century in America - rising ethnic and religious prejudice and the association of the Irish with bringing the global pandemic of Asiatic cholera to North America.
Samuel Hahnemann, physician and father of homeopathy, demonstrated this in his historic guidance of physicians treating an epidemic of Asiatic Cholera in Europe in the early 1800s.
She notes that "the poor were vulnerable to Asiatic cholera because they were Asiatic already," since they were "foreign" to the norms of Britishness.
A little later, in Death in Venice, Thomas Mann offered an unforgettably paradoxical vision of the corrosive yet somehow liberating effects of Asiatic cholera on one repressed German artist.
Also on this day: 1832 Asiatic cholera first appeared in Ireland in Belfast; 1836 Birth of cookery book author Isabella Mary Beeton; 1917 The German army began a retreat to the Hindenburg Line; 1925 The first transatlantic radio broadcast was made; 1932 American inventor George Eastman, founder of the Kodak photographic company, committed suicide; 1981 England batsman Ken Barrington died of a heart attack touring the West Indies with the England team; 1991 The Birmingham Six, jailed for the city pub bombings, were released.