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The offenses range from "Depicting Asians as Perpetual Immigrants" to "Asians as a Subordinate.
Nationally, about 64 percent of Asians are foreign-born, as are 40 percent of Latinos -- compared with just 3 percent of whites, according to a 1994 study by the Urban Institute on Latino and Asian Voters.
She adds that the flied foods you can get in many Asian restaurants represent a more Western way of cooking, and fail to give the same benefits as steaming or stir-flying.
While bhangra is popular with South Asians across regional, ethnic or religious lines, the competitions tend to have a more distinctly Punjabi tone.
Though considered by some to be mere tokenism, this openness to Asians has worked to the benefit of many dancers.
For example, the proportion of women who had received adequate prenatal care was about two-thirds among black and Hispanic women, three-quarters among Asians and eight in 10 among whites.
Asians already are aficionados of Chilean seafood, including jibia or giant squid, and seaweed.
Now this is very important for Asians, particularly Asians who live in a Confucian culture.
The Asians, after all, follow their policies for their own, very long-term purposes.
Festival sponsorship was down, inexplicable in a city with over half a million Asians, Canada's wealthiest demographic.
Major concerns included the following: fear of buying Asian merchandise (187 calls); working with Asians (83 calls); living near Asians (45 calls); going to school with Asians (41 calls); and more generic issus such as being on a cruise ship or airplane (77 calls); and church, school, of workplace issues (65 calls).
This collaboration was the first step in improving the community's capacity to introduce and sustain breast cancer awareness programs among South Asians in Los Angeles.
This book informs readers about the home mission of the Lutheran churches among the Asians.
Yellow is meant to be a call for a more accurate understanding of Asians and their future roles in American society; it seeks to "elevate" the racial discussion beyond its "formerly static terms.
When a minority of young Asians, provoked by the extreme right wing British National Party, rioted in Bradford, Yorkshire, last June, an unusual full-page advertisement appeared in the local paper four days later.
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