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By appropriating African American mediated hip-hop culture, Notorious MSG aligns Asianness with the Black body vis-a-vis the hustler.
Navid is my Asianness and Scottishness all coming to this point of pure comedy.
Whiteness appears in commercials as a balance between production/consumption, labor/leisure, discipline/emotion, mind/body, with Blackness appearing as too bodily or Asianness as too robotic.
The juxtaposition of the two authors in terms of our shared South Asianness as well as our intra-group differences provided a richer, more complicated analysis of the interview material: what might be termed shared differences created a fruitful tension that allowed each author to interrogate underlying assumptions made by both participants and the other researcher around issues of what was 'authentically' Goan, Hindu or Indian.
What had been valuable and highly esteemed in their old country, became on the other shore of the Pacific a stigma, a betraying mark of Asianness and foreignness where the need to fit in was imperious in order to be tolerated, though not accepted.
The Asianness of these countries," he insisted, "justifies strong government which, whether elected or not, is morally entitled to impose severe repression when this is judged to be in the public interest" (Randall & Theobald, 1998, p.
Issues like evangelization, inculturation, dialogue, the Asianness of the Church, justice, option for the poor, etc.
Through Korean pop music, East and Southeast Asia are turning regionally toward a new identity of shared Asianness.
Hence, this visibility is accompanied by a bifurcation in which Asianness is hip, cool and British, and Asian themselves are dangerous and foreign" (2004: 68) (5).
Although these claims of unique dynamism and distinct Asianness were fraudulent, they won wide acceptance, and on this basis dependency theory was discredited.
One's Asianness seems to be the difference one must suppress in order to be a full citizen.
Examining whiteness teaches us that the myths and stereotypes of whiteness go hand in hand with the myths and stereotypes of blackness, Asianness, or any other ethnicity.
But this has always made me conscious of my Asianness, just like a heavy person is always conscious of her weight.
Desai's selection is deliberately provocative (if somewhat derivative of Robert Mapplethorpe) and systematically takes it upon itself to prop up and tumble down every stereotype of South Asianness in a manner that is reflective of her own non-self-definition: "she won't fit herself into a box, she does not call herself black, she does not call herself a woman, she does not call herself Asian, she does not call herself lesbian.
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