Asian tiger mosquito

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striped native of Japan thriving in southwestern and midwestern United States and spreading to the Caribbean

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In comparison to many other mosquito species, common house mosquitoes and Asian tiger mosquitoes have short flight ranges of only a few hundred yards from where they hatch, but even this short distance can be enough to infest a neighborhood.
Tests by the health agency and city authorities confirmed they were Asian tiger mosquitoes.
Asian tiger mosquitoes, which get their name from their distinctive black and white stripes, can carry West Nile virus which last year killed 300 and infected 4,000 people in America.
Disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquitoes may find the hotter temperatures to their liking and show up in places they've never been seen before, warns Barry Alto, a University of Florida, Gainesville, entomology doctoral student.
Gray Davis signed legislation toughening the state's mosquito abatement and vector control laws in light of the new threat from the spread of the West Nile virus and Asian tiger mosquitoes.
Lurex(TM) was tested primarily in Hawaii and Texas, areas where populations of Asian Tiger mosquitoes are prevalent, over the course of more than three years.
Disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquitoes may show up in locations they never have been seen before as a result of global warming, warns entomologist Barry Alto, University of Florida, Gainesville.
Infectious disease experts found Asian tiger mosquitoes carrying the dangerous eastern equine encephalitis virus in a tire dump in Polk County, Fla.
One way Asian tiger mosquitoes have been getting to Europe is by laying eggs in tyres that are then exported.
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