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European moth introduced into North America

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The Asian gypsy moth has more than 250 known host plants but prefers oak.
Thanks to a pheromone monitoring system, the Asian gypsy moth was detected and eradicated before it became established here, says Ragenovich.
The Asian Long Horn Beetle is just one of a new wave of invading pests and diseases with names like the Asian gypsy moth and the pine bark beetle and the Mexican canker, brought to American shores in increasing numbers as the result of increased -- and increasingly unregulated -- foreign trade.
Their cousins -- the Asian gypsy moth -- traveled as stowaways on boats from Russia to the West Coast in 1991 and from Germany to North Carolina in 1993.
A new strain known as the Asian gypsy moth was recently discovered in the Pacific northwest.
One of these registered products is used to control the American, European and Asian gypsy moth.
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