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European hornet introduced into the United States


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The Asian giant hornet was accidentally introduced to Europe in 2004 when the insects found their way into a shipment of Chinese pottery to France.
ASIAN giant hornets could be about to colonise Merseyside, an expert warned.
ASIAN GIANT HORNET FACTS | The Asian giant hornet |(vespa mandarinia) is the world's largest hornet which can grow up to 7.
Top, A close-up of an Asian giant hornet and, above, |the hornet found in a shed at Berry Brow
Asian giant hornets, which sport a 6mm sting and can reach a staggering three inches long, are thought to have landed in the UK this summer due to warmer than average temperatures.
While Japanese honey |bees have learnt to smother, overheat and kill Asian giant hornets, native UK species have no defence.
The Asian giant hornet is most commonly found in mountainous areas of Japan as well as China, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka but reached Europe in 2004 - most likely in a consignment of Chinese plant pots.
The reason for such caution becomes clear when you study the sting of the Asian giant hornet.
While the venom isn't quite as potent as that of some other species of bees and hornets, the size of the Asian giant hornet means its stings are more toxic.
AGGRESSIVE ATTACK: A giant hornet devours a honeybee CREATING A BUZZ OF FEAR: The Asian giant hornet kills about 40 people each year
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