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any one of the nations occupying the Asian continent

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It seems that the Asian country has no plan for the time being to import crude oil from Tehran and the Islamic Republic can only count on Sri Lanka's oil products market, at least for a while.
As of the latest count, the Asian country has the highest number of countries that its citizens can travel to freely.
The gang used air shipping to send the goods but Dubai Police discovered the matter fast and contacted the Asian country before the goods arrived,"CeAl Mansouri said.
Omar Ahmed Al Mehairi, senior manager of Dubai Customs Air Cargo Operations, said that two shipments were sent by air in care of a company based in some Asian countries to their ways to two western countries, while the third shipment was sent in care of a company based in the same Asian country and it was heading to a western country.
Other than passports, and fake stamps, the defendants were arrested with health certificates, and classified documents of government departments of that particular Asian country.
An Asian country with a population of more than a billion has become known as "the world's factory floor" because of its large, cheap, and reliable workforce.
The bureau said the Philippines does not import poultry products from any Asian country.
Hu, who is on his first visit to this Southeast Asian country, was to meet Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy Abdullah Ahmad Badawi later Wednesday.
The government is preparing for the shock by setting the stage for reforms in the banking system and the capital markets that will be as ambitious as any undertaken by an Asian country during the modern period:
With the emergence especially of China as a global economic power with rising exports in the early 1990s and the extended Japanese recession of the 1990s forcing it to export more, each Asian country had to jockey and adjust to a new and more competitive international environment.
Radyne ComStream (Nasdaq: RADN) (Warrants: RADNW) Thursday announced the receipt of an additional $750,000 order for satellite equipment to carry Internet traffic to an Asian country.
American troops are assisting local troops to fight terrorists in which Southeast Asian country of many islands (latitude 10[degrees]N separates the country's populous northern islands from the sparcely populated southern islands)?
Some of the participants suggested that a follow-up meeting take place in a Central Asian country, but no agreement was reached as to the timing or location, the officials said.
Global and local banks are looking for sophisticated, but easily customizable solutions because each Asian country has a different infrastructure for payment clearing and settlement.
Radyne ComStream is providing a turnkey, end-to-end solution for the project that will provide Internet access to a large number of schools and universities in this Southeast Asian country.
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